A month in the life of me…

In January, I…

Moved to Year 6. Was terrified. Was excited. Dealt with some school stuff. Coped well with a lot of change. Realised some things about myself. Managed a whole month in Year 6. Worked my arse off. Realised that sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you can cause you can’t always do everything. Fretted about things that didn’t really matter. Fretted about things that did matter. Loved working with that class again. Read a lot of Letters from the Lighthouse. Dropped a few balls. Picked them back up. Texted my friends a lot. Used sleepscapes a lot to help me sleep. Rejoiced about the fact that the sunshine is coming back. Bought some new clothes. Cleared out some old clothes. Celebrated my birthday with a book and cake. Turned 31. Realised that age truly is just a number. Was offered some incredible professional opportunities. Got back into contact properly with someone from my past. Got back on online dating. Remembered why I hated it so much. Persevered. Texted new people. Had some wonderfully deep conversations with old friends and new friends. Missed my brother a lot. Went to see Maleficent 2 with my twiglets and Kate. Spent New Years Day on a walk with family. Remembered how much I love walking. Tried to look after myself a lot better. Failed at times. Read a lot of books. Got back into blogging better. Stressed about stupid things. Had a cry or two. Spent a lot of time in my pyjamas. Started making plans for holidays. Received some incredible book post. Watched a lot of The Masked Singer. Listened to a lot of X Ambassador. 

S x 

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