S4S – Favourite accounts to follow

Hello friends!

Happy #SixforSunday does February! How are you all? It’s a grey and wet day here in Newcastle! We are here for another month so a whole new group of prompts! How exciting. Don’t forget I posted the banners if you want to use them (check them out here).

Today we are here to celebrate each other with the prompt:

Six favourite accounts to follow

I’m going for a mix of teachers, book bloggers and a book tuber! HOORAH.

  1. Charlotte Somewhere on Twitter
    Now I’m a bit biased here yes as Charlotte is one of my best friends, but her twitter feed is always full of books, her doggos (who are the cutest) and the funny things her son says!
  2. George Lester on Youtube
    George is one of the loveliest humans on the planet and I absolutely aodre his Youtube channel. It’s full of bookish content! His debut novel is coming out late this year and I’m so excited for it to be out!
  3. Waterstones Newcastle on Twitter
    Again, this is kind of a given as I am ALWAYS in there. But the people who run the account are HILARIOUS and their tweets always lighten up my days. If you’re not following them, you absolutely should be.
  4. Mr Booth on Twitter
    If you’re looking for a teacher with a resounding passion for reading, look no further than Mr Booth. He shares SO MUCH and he’s always there for a bit of advice for me when I need it! Plus he tweets the occasional funny tweet!
  5. Mr Boddington on Twitter
    Another of my favourite people to follow on twitter because he’s funny, passionate about reading and creates some brilliant resources about diversity in reading. You should check out the Reading Roads we created together – they’re brilliant.
  6. Vocabulary Ninja on Twitter
    You can’t beat the ninja. I’m a massive fan of vocab development and I think the Ninja is making waves… so if you’re not following them, go get yourself over there!

And that’s it for this week’s #SixforSunday! 6 accounts I love following… 3 teaching ones and 3 bookish ones! There’s LOADS OF OTHERS.

See you next week! I can’t wait to see who you all recommend to each other!

S x

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