Book Review Policy

Hi, I’m Steph!

Would you like me to review a book you’ve written/are publicising? I WOULD LOVE TO.

I accept physical copies from publishers and authors. Provided your book sounds like something I will enjoy, I promise to provide an honest review in return. If you are interested in me reviewing your book or a book you’re involved in publicity for, please check out the information below and contact me at I am happy to take any additional queries via email too!

Preferred Genres:

  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Biographies
  • Picture Books
  • Middle Grade Fiction 

(Note: any children’s books I am sent I am more than happy to take into school to read the children to gather their views on the book… if you would rather I didn’t that’s cool, just let me know in the email!)

Genres I won’t review:

  • Erotica
  • Religious

My Reviews

I don’t always have time to write in depth reviews of all books sent. I aim to review every book I read on my blog. Whether it’s in an in depth review, or in my ‘mini reviews’ series, I aim to review every book I read.

I will always aim to read books before their publication date and then post a blog post on release date/as close to release date as I can! I always thank publishers/publicists for sending me their books in my reviews. (See an example of the different review types here: MG book review example, Mini MG reviews: The green edition!)

Each of my in-depth reviews will contain:

  • 1 line review
  • Book images throughout the post
  • Book description
  • My overall opinion of the book – generally in a lot of depth (I do post mini reviews of books on my blog too as I read a lot of books!)
  • My Goodreads review of the book (if it’s a MG/YA that I have logged on there too)

Each of my mini review posts will contain:

  • Title of the book
  • Image of the cover/picture of the cover
  • Blurb/book description
  • 100-200 word review of your book 

If your book is a children’s book that I have had permission to take to school, there will also be anonymous quotes from the children who have read your book in the review too! If the children can be involved in the process, I try as best I can. Every MG book I receive ends up in our school library so know you are sending your books to a good pair of hands with a captive and willing audience! 

Every review I write will be honest and I will share my true feelings about the book. I aim to cross post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads page, Amazon/Waterstones, Instagram and Twitter.

Running a blog tour for your book?

I would love to be on your blog tour! Just email me at and give me an idea of dates/what you would like from my post and, where possible, I’d love the be part. I’m happy to host:

  • Q&As 
  • Extracts
  • Create moodboards for the book
  • Guest posts from authors/illustrators about all sorts of topics
  • Reviews

If there’s something not here you’d like to try, just give me an email! I’m happy to work with you and publish something to promote all of your books!

Thanks! Don’t be afraid to email me on if you think you have a book I’d be interested in! 

S x