BOOKBLOG: Sharna Jackson

Mic Drop: a wonderful sequel full of fun!


“It’s October half-term and pop star, TrojKat is filming a music video in the The Tri, the high-rise block home to slueths Nik and Norva. When tragedy strikes the famous singer under mysterious circumstances, Nik and Norva set out to solve the case, with their friend George, and their impressive detective skills.”

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Mic Drop is the sequel to the ever so brilliant High Rise Mystery, which was released last year. High Rise Mystery saw us start a series of books all about Nik and Norva – a detective duo like no other. They’re kids who live on a London council estate called the Tri. I was absolutely thrilled when a copy of Mic Drop fell through my door that it made its way straight to the top of my TBR… I am not sorry! (I’m a little bit gutted that I can’t share it with my class at the minute because they LOVED High Rise Mystery… like as soon as it went on my shelf, I never saw it again for weeks!)

Mic Drop follows Nik and Norva during October half term. There is excitement on the Tri because popstar TrojKat is filming her music video there. TrojKat grew up on the Tri so she’s come back to pay homage to the place she grew up. When something goes terribly wrong for the singer, the duo (and George) have to put their best detective caps on to try and solve the mystery before it’s swept under the carpet.

Much like in the first book, I loved that the mystery to solve was something worth getting your teeth into. There’s a few different mysteries to solve in this – there’s the BIG one, but there’s also a few little ones too… You’re quite beautifully fed breadcrumbs of evidence as you go through the story and then when you get to the end you think AH YES OF COURSE IT IS. However,  it is so brilliantly done that you NEVER quite know what you’re thinking or who you suspect of committing the crime. There were SO MANY TIMES where I was CONVINCED I knew who it was and then a page later I had changed my mind and was swearing on their innocence. There’s clues which aren’t really clues and clues you dismiss because you don’t think they mean anything, but then are CRUCIAL to the whole thing! I will tell you, I didn’t guess who the crime committer was until pretty much before the reveal!

One of the things I like most about these books is that, as a kid reading, you get to experience these realisations and clues alongside our main characters and you get time to process the clues AND FEEL SMART with it. No condescending, no babying… working it out together! 

We’re back with these incredible characters again and I tell you it’s like coming home. As corny as that sounds, you know you’ve found a series you love when you want to get back into the lives of your main characters. They’re all so different and I really appreciate that. It was great being back with NSquared and Pap. I love Pap so much: there’s something about him which just makes me so happy. He’s one of those really great characters in kids books that’s a lot loveable. (In fact, I think Knights Of keep bringing books out that have got that wonderful father figure book in them and I am HERE for it!)

The new bunch of characters we are introduced to this time throws in some great curveballs: a mysterious director, a loved up couple, the friend who has always been there and the snarky and moody popstar. I really enjoyed meeting these new characters and having to suss them out as the story went on. I definitely liked some of them more than others, and it did sway my thinking! I was naturally suspicious of all of them at some point… but the newspaper DEFINTITELY swayed my suspicions. 

If you’ve not delved into the world of High Rise Mystery, I really recommend you do so. You’ve got characters to adore, mysteries to solve and even more fun to come! It’s all very clever and wonderful. I recommend you get these books because you’ll have a total blast! 

My Goodreads review:

Thoroughly enjoyed being back with NSquared and the Tri gang. There’s been another murder and they are on the case. This is quickly turning out to be one of the best kids mystery series: incredible characters, brilliant clue hunting and proper fun!

If you’d like to see some other people’s opinion on the story, check out the #MicDropReadalong hashtag on twitter – a few bloggers got together and had a chat about it with the publicists and Sharna herself popped by to talk to us and give us a sneak peek at the tentative title of book 3! 

A massive massive thank you to the publishers, Knights Of, and the publicists at Ed Pr for sending me a copy of Mic Drop. I can’t wait to put it into the hands of some kids! They are going to LOVE it! 

Have you read Mic Drop?
Are you familiar with High Rise Mystery?
Can you recommend me some other kids mystery books?

S x

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