A month in the life of me… March edition.

March was like a YEAR in a month.
A lot happened in March. 

March was…

Tiring. Tough. A lot of uncertainty. Busy. Proud. Ever changing. Scrutiny. Feeling a little bit lost. Loving my job. Doing things that I know I’m good at. Having answers to lots of questions. Not being afraid. Calmness and stress. An inspection. A lockdown. A lot of feeling a bit lost. Lots of books. Lighter nights. Clapping for the NHS. The world changing.  A lot of mixed messages. Reaching out to people I’ve not spoken to for a while. Lots of cups of tea. Release day for my Queen. Worry. Stress. Doing my bit. Going for walks. Illness. A little bit of illness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Pride in my mam. Sitting for many hours blogging for something creative to do. Drawing a lot more. Getting some amazing blog post. Visiting London. Seeing my queen. Spending time with my fave humans. Train journeys and books. Outdoor cups of tea. Reading. Always reading. 

I’m gonna be honest. I can’t see the goodness in March at the minute because it ended in such a weird manner. 

What was March to you?

January in my life

February in my life

S x

9 thoughts on “A month in the life of me… March edition.

      • lilisblissfulpages says:

        Thanks for the concern. 🙂 Physically, I’m fine. No virus but anxiety and stress gives me hard time though I’m starting to feel better now. It’s week 3 of our lockdown and it’s just announced it’s extended till last week of April.

        Hope you’re safe as well. 💛💛


      • selliott16 says:

        I know how it feels to be stressed and anxious about this whole situation, so please know you’re not alone. I hope the next few weeks brings some more ease to your stress and anxiety, and that you find things every day to smile about!

        I’m good thanks – just got back from a socially distant walk and it helped me! 💛💛

        Liked by 1 person

      • lilisblissfulpages says:

        Thank you. To be honest, I feel like I’m now closer to my online friends. I know it helps to talk to other people. Thank you for the offer. I don’t know if we already follow each other on twitter but hope we are. But if not, I’m @lilikmarcus there. 💛💛


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