A month in the life of me… April edition!

April was one of the strangest months I think I’ve ever lived.
I think it’s been one of the strangest months for everyone.
But there were lots of things to smile about in April!

Creative. Using my teacher brain to create resources to share with others. Blogging for my kids. Setting challenges. Being creative to keep the children motivated. Creating quizzes for Sunday funday. Being helpful to teachers. Sharing. Giving. Helping however I can.

Thinking. Doing tons of CPD. CPD for my pure enjoyment. CPD for my job. CPD to strecth my brain. Keeping my brain ticking over. Getting my time on TTR down and being annoyed when I mistype an answer. Learning. Listening. Worrying. Contemplating.

Active. Took up ‘running’. Regretted lots of them. Got into my stride for some of them. Motivated myself to get out of bed for each and every one so far. Haven’t given up. Determined to get to the end. Feeling proud of myself. 

Smiles. Wearing my favourite clothes instead of just sitting in pyjamas. Playing bingo with my loves. Surprise parcels. Phone calls and FaceTimes with my bestests. Many texts of joy from pal-o. Remembering to be grateful. Emails and blog comments from my kids. Sending surprise parcels to other people. Being generous. Talking to strangers. 

Bookish. Lots of books. Times when I couldn’t read. Times where I binged a book. Reading lots of wonderful books. Giving my brain space to just be OK not being in the mood to read. Starting up #SixforSunday chats (6-7 on Sundays) and people joining in. Spending an hour talking to friends on twitter about books. 

Time for me. Reading and sitting in the sunshine. Walking and running. Enjoying the sunshine (a lot… thank God for the sunshine!). Drawing. Baking. Cooking. Blogging. Worrying. Colouring in. Watching Bones and Criminal Minds. Getting in contact with people after a long time of not. Closure. 

What was April to you?

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S x

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