A month in the life of me… February edition!

[see January’s month in the life of post here]

February was…

Proud. Tough. Fun. Hard. Tiring. Relaxing. Breakfast-filled. Half term-y. Questioning myself. Worrying. Persevering. Wondering what’s next. Filled with new opportunities. Laughter. Tears. Book post piles. Messages to my people. Memes sent back and forth. Book buying. Book reading. Event planning. Twiglet dates. Scones and coffee. A visit to London. Round Table Books. Blog posts a-plenty. Passing half a million words on here. Loads of books. Geordie Gifts delight. Wine. Friends. Exciting proofs. Feeling more at home in my classroom. Adjusting. Walking. Theatre visits. Working hard. Saying goodbye to incredible people. Finding my feet on my own. New challenges. New books. Old books. Train travel. Snow (which no one asked for). Fairy lights and falling asleep early. Strange dreams. SimplyPodLogical. Looking after myself. Working dates. Coffee. Reading all of the books, even when they’re not next on my TBR. Exciting emails. Listening to an awful lot of Tori Kelly. Thinking about the Summer. Fretting about SATs. Working my arse off. Laughing with colleagues. Stress-filled. Reading whenever I could. Reading. A lot of reading. 

What was February to you?

S x 

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