February in books

Here we are! Another month down; another month of books to celebrate… and I’m surprisingly impressed by how many books I managed to get through in February (let’s be real though… half term REALLY helped!)

In February, I managed to read 16 books. 

I read 10 of those in half term! It just shows how much that term time slows down my reading! If you want some quick reviews of the 10 I read over half term, check them out here: Half term reads…

Let’s start with my MG reads

I managed to gobble up 8 MG books in February and they were all delightful!

Feb 2020 MG

I was blessed to be reading some properly brilliant MG in February! There’s a few books which are still to be released which are exceptional there (you MUST keep your eyes peeled for Jungledrop, Troofriend and The Shark Caller: they’re bloody amazing!) I also got my hands on some of the World Book Day books early, so I managed to sneak in the Amelia Fang book before the end of February too! 

I reviewed Troofriend over on my blog here!

What about YA?

Now normally, YA is kind of kicked to the side for MG books… but in half term I was all about the YA books, so I managed to read 8 YA books in February! 

Feb 2020 YA

Again, I was super lucky to read a whole load of proof copies of books that were just brilliant and I can’t wait to talk about them closer to release time! I was OVER THE MOON to read The Love Hypothesis and Destination Anywhere early because I am the biggest Laura Steven and Sara Barnard fan. I read a wonderful mix of feminist, girl power books, some books with history and a good bit of fantasy too! 

Check out my review of The Love Hypothesis here!


As usual, my Goodreads target is 52 and I’m aiming for 52 kids books alongside that. So yes, 52 is way more than achievable, but there are some weeks I read NOTHING and other weeks where I read LOADS… so just because I’m doing great this month doesn’t mean I’ll keep this going! I’ll tell you one thing that gets in the way of all of my reading: TERM TIME! 

52 KIDS BOOKS: 21/52

And that’s my February reading rounded up! Massive thank you to the publishers who send me proof copies of books: you guys know I love you a lot! 

Did you have a productive February?
What was your favourite read in February?
What’s on your March TBR?
What do I need to add to my TBR for March?

Speak to me! I’d love to know what you loved reading in February! Also let me know which of these books you’d love to see full reviews of and I’ll see what I can rustle up! Here’s to hoping March is SOMEWHAT of a productive reading month! I have quite a few train journeys planned (going to some exciting events) so I will have lots of reading time…

S x

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