A month in the life of me… February edition!

[see January's month in the life of post here] February was... Proud. Tough. Fun. Hard. Tiring. Relaxing. Breakfast-filled. Half term-y. Questioning myself. Worrying. Persevering. Wondering what's next. Filled with new opportunities. Laughter. Tears. Book post piles. Messages to my people. Memes sent back and forth. Book buying. Book reading. Event planning. Twiglet dates. Scones and … Continue reading A month in the life of me… February edition!


So it's now May 5th and I have HOPEFULLY handed in my dissertation. Hopefully, it went yesterday. (I write this the Sunday before and I'm MEGA stressed about it). So yeah, that's that done. 2 years of my life building up to this. I can't lie. I haven't been a great student. I've left things … Continue reading Student-ing