A month in the life of me… May edition!

May was another bizarre-o month.

It was being a teacher from afar. Replying to emails from children. Smiling at their lovely comments. Setting pieces of work remotely. Watching TTR tournaments. Beaming at some of the scores. Commenting on homework. Working through reports. Going into school for a meeting. Seeing my classroom all set up for socially distant teaching. Worrying. Anxiety-ridden. Having lots of mixed up emotions. Continuing to do bits of CPD, but having lost a bit of steam. Having a lovely bunch of colleagues. 

It was being a friend from afar. Missing my family. Keeping in contact with everyone however I can. Video calls. Sending lots of pictures back and forth. Smiling at messages. Opening my phone and seeing 100s of messages in group chats. Sharing joy with my friends from afar. Wanting to meet up, but knowing that I wouldn’t be able to cope not hugging. Talking to some people every day and some people only once in a while. Being proud of friends. Missing some I’ve not spoken to for ages, but not knowing whether to get in touch. 

It was being a reader who wasn’t in the mood for reading. Receiving lovely book post. Friends buying me books because I’ve not read them. Reading a lot of kids books because let’s be honest they’re the best kind of escapism. Spending hours watching Bones because my brain just wasn’t in the mood to read. Reading when I want to and what I want to. Sharing books with friends, neighbours and colleagues. Having time to just chill and read when I want. Getting excited about books that are coming. Having honest conversations about books. #SixforSunday chats and cider. 

It was becoming a runner. Running for longer every week. Running places I never imagined I’d get to run. Putting on my running gear and actually looking forward to running. 

It was being me, but a different version of me than I’d known! 


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S x

3 thoughts on “A month in the life of me… May edition!

  1. Tilly says:

    Am with you right there on the teaching! I won’t even have my own children when I’m eventually back in a classroom as we’re split-site with mixed ages 😔 At the minute our provision plans are having to change every single day as well which is frustrating! Good luck with everything. ☺️


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