BLOG TOUR: Jennifer Bell

Good morning bookish loves!

Today is an exciting day! Today is my stop on the Wonderscape blog tour: a blog tour with a difference! I was REALLY excited when I got the invite to this blog tour… and I had to get my thinking cap on! 

We have been challenged to think about our heroes: someone from history and a present day hero. 

Now, I’ve not actually finished Wonderscape because I was talking to neighbour about it and he wanted to read it… so I let him read it and I just got it back a few days ago, but let me tell you, I BEGRUDINGLY gave it to him because I was LOVING it. My full review will go live in the coming weeks, but here are my initial thoughts PLUS my heroes! 


Wonderscape: a massive chunk of fun featuring some FAMOUS faces! 

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“When Arthur, Ren and Cecily investigate a mysterious explosion on their way to school, they find themselves trapped aboard The Principia – a scientific research ship sailing through hazardous waters, captained by one Isaac Newton. Lost in the year 2473 in the Wonderscape, an epic in-reality adventure game, they must call on the help of some unlikely historical heroes, to play their way home before time runs out.”

Wonderscape is a gorgeous book that incoroporates some wonderful things: history, adventure and gaming! As I said, I’ve not actually finished the book yet, but getting half way I was just getting into some of the absolute best bits of it! Wonderscape tells the story of three kids – Arthur, Ren, Cecily – who find end up 300 years in the future in a strange, reality/adventure game. They discover they have a limited time in the game before that’s the end for them… 

What I loved from what I’d read was that you are in with the adventure STRAIGHT AWAY. I think you get like 20 pages in and BAM the kids are in the game… and you’re swept away with them on this rip-roaring adventure! You move through the adventure with them and meet famous faces, are surprised and have a fair few shocks to boot! 

I can’t wait to finish this (now that I have it back) because I think this is going to be a book that is going to grip the attention of games and non-gamers alike! I know I’m always looking for books for the kids that love gaming, and this is one I can’t wait to put into the hands of the kids in my class!

Historical hero

Name: Marie Curie
Level Theme: Using your brain for good! 
Hero Factor: Determination – despite all of the criticism she received from the men in her field at the time, she kept going with her medical passion. She’s the reason we have portable x-ray machines today! I remember learning about her in history in secondary school thinking ‘yes, go her!’ She’s the only person ever to have received 2 Nobel prizes for 2 different sciences! 

Modern Day Hero

Name: Michelle Obama
Level Theme: Girls deserve education! 
Hero Factor: Kindness – as someone who knows the importance of education, Obama is a proper hero to me: she’s a firm believer in the power of education and has fought for the rights of girls to get education. She oozes kindness and a genuine spirit. She’s made it her mission to make everyone’s life better and stands beside women. 

And there we go! I really struggled to do this (my other modern day hero is my mam because she’s one of the best people on the planet) because I found it hard to put into words why these two women are important to me. Anyone who fights adversity and stands up for the rights of others is a proper hero in my books! 

A massive thanks to Walker books for inviting me to be on this blog tour. I’m off now to finish Wonderscape! 

Who is your historical hero?
Who is your modern day hero?

Share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to learn about important people to others! 

S x 

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