April in books

Hello everyone! 

It’s May already… we’ve spent the past few weeks being inside and keeping everyone safe as we should, which means we’ve probably done some reading. 

Now I say SOME reading and not LOADS OF because if I’m honest, I didn’t think I’d read that much in April (it turns out I read quite a few books). I had a lot of days where I just wasn’t in the mood at all to read. I picked up books, read 10 pages and just wasn’t motivated to keep reading. This whole situation has been mentally taxing and it’s definitely had an impact on mine (and other’s) reading habits. I’m a voracious reader and I like nothing better than spending any spare time just picking up a book and reading, but in April there were days where I just couldn’t find the brain power to do it, so I just never forced it. 


In April, I read 10 books! 

Pretty pleased with that… I genuinely thought I’d only managed like 4 books or something!

Something happened in April that I’ve not done for an incredibly long time… I DNF’d a book. It’s a book that I was excited to read just based on what I read from the blurb, but then people started telling me that it has ISSUES. I read a bit of it, but I just couldn’t take the parents’ TERRIBLE attitude to the MC, so I had to stop reading. 

Let’s start with the YA books…

April YA 2020

I bought Shadowscent and The Map From Here to There, but I was lucky enough to be sent copies of Boy Queen and Venom from the publishers. I loved each and every single one of them. I can’t wait for you all to meet Boy Queen (hi George if you’re reading this!). My blog spent almost a week in Venom mode (you can check out Bex’s guest post for the blog tour here and my review here) and let me tell you I am still not over it (that ending though!). The other 2 books were sequels to books I absolutely adored and it was so wonderful to be back in worlds with characters I knew and loved. Can recommend each and every one of these books! 

Looking for a daring fantasy set on the high seas? Check out Venom.
Looking to preorder a book that will set alight all of your drag fantasies? Go get yourself Boy Queen.
Do you want to visit a world where scents are key and the writing is lush? You need to dive into the Shadowscent duology.
Looking for a contemporary book full of friendship and romance? The Map from Here to There is for you! 

Now onto the MG books…

April MG 2020

I was lucky enough to be sent all of these books from publishers (still blows my mind to this day that people send me books to review, so thank you thank you thank you publishers!) and they are all so bloody lush. There’s something in this pile for lovers of all genres! I’ve reviewed almost all of these books now: Orla and the Serpent’s CurseThe Wild Way Home and Sky Pirates and Milton the Megastar. Reviews for the other two are coming… but trust me you’re going to want to read them! 

Love dragons and magic? Check out Dragon Mountain!
Love stories about history and finding yourself? The Wild Way Home is for you!
Does a story about a young girl and a strange link to magical history sound like your thing? Buy Orla and the Serpent’s Curse
Do you love reading about brave characters taking on the world? Milton the Mighty is your man!
Looking for something that will broaden your mind and help you see the world through someone else’s eyes? Check out A Kind of Spark


This year, I set my target 52 as usual. I’m aiming for 52 kids books alongside that. So yes, I realise I am almost there already, but I want to get to 52 kids books again! Will I change my Goodreads target? It’s SO SO unlikely.

52 KIDS BOOKS: 36/52

And that’s my April reading rounded up! Massive thank you to the publishers who send me proof copies of books: you guys know I love you a lot!

Did you have a productive April reading?
Has the lockdown affected your reading any?

What’s on your May TBR?
What was your favourite April book?

Speak to me! I’d love to know what you loved reading last month!

Stay safe, S x

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