S4S – Reasons I love blogging

Hello friends and #SixforSunday‘ers alike!

How are you today? What’s going on in your life today? We’re a week into February now, have you had a good week?!

I loved seeing all of you spreading the love last week – lots of brilliant recommendations of accounts to follow! This week we’re talking:

Six reasons I love blogging

I’ve definitely talked about things like this before, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep talking about it!

  1. I get a little space to talk about whatever I want
    This is my space. It’s my rules. It’s whatever I want it to be. It’s as much or as little as I want it to be. It’s whatever I want to talk about.
  2. I get to be creative.
    Whether it’s designing banners for my posts, coming up with prompts for #SixforSunday or coming up with ideas for blogs, I get to be creative. I wouldn’t have that if I didn’t blog.
  3. It’s a lovely few hours a week for ME
    I’m a creature of habit and on a Sunday I will do a couple of hours work and then I’ll get into some blogging. It’s a couple of hours where I don’t have to think about being a teacher, or a human really, I get to just be the person who talks about books. I get to just let some steam off.
  4. It’s a wonderful place to be reflective and look back
    When I started this blog I never imagined that I would get as personal as I would, but I’m glad that this feels like a safe space that I can do that. I sometimes read back the posts I wrote and reflect on whatever was going on at that point.
  5. I get to shout about the things I love most
  6. It’s opened doors to me in ways that I never expected it to
    If you’d said to me 4 years ago (I’ve been blogging almost 4 years, that’s bonkers) that I’d get chances to go to publisher events and I’d be in the acknowledgements of books and I’d chair events and I’d consider some of my favourite bloggers and authors ‘friends’, I’d have told you to shut up, but that’s the reality of my life. SOme of the people I admire the most in the world are some of the people that I am closest to. It still blows my mind. Getting book post STILL blows my mind. Knowing people read my blog blows my mind. My blog has given me all of these opportunities and I’ll never not be grateful.

I love this little blog of mine. It might not get as many views as other peoples; it might not look as fancy as others; it might not be on the ‘best of ‘ lists, but it’s mine and that’s what makes it special

If you’ve stopped by before, or this is your first time, thanks for stopping by! Let me know what it was that brought you to my blog, I’d love to know.

I can’t wait to see your #SixforSunday posts about why you love blogging. I can’t imagine my life without my blog in it now!

S x