January in books

I can’t believe I’m already here rounding up a whole month of reading… and I can’t quite believe HOW MANY BOOKS I READ. It wasn’t until I started looking to do this post that I realised just how many books I read last month. It certainly took me by surprise!

January was a good month. I moved into Year 6. We had a wonderful first month together. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m doing well. It’s definitely somewhere I’m challenged enough without feeling out of my depth.

I read 19 books! 

How bonkers is that?!

MG books I read…

Jan in book MG 2020


I devoured my way through 13 A gorgeous array of books and something for everyone in there! I’ve managed to write some reviews of some of these which you can check out below. The rest are coming I promise (I’ve promised to write a review, of some description, for every book I read this year!)

MG Mini Reviews!


BOOK BLOG: Louie Stowell

BOOK BLOG: Jason Reynolds

YA books January blessed me with…

Jan in book YA 2020

but it also blessed me with…

47191825._sy475_(ded. 100% ded)

As well as all of those MG books, I worked my way through 6 YA books. Who knew?! Reviews for all of these are to come in the following weeks… however I’m still very ded from getting my hands on Hold Back the Tide so sorry about that haha!

Bookish targets

As usual I’ve set my Goodreads to 52 and I’m aiming for 52 kids books alongside that. So yes, 52 is way more than achievable, but trust me there are some weeks I read NOTHING and other weeks where I read LOADS… so just because I’m doing great this month doesn’t mean I’ll keep this going!

Goodreads: 19/52
52 kids books: 13/52

And that’s my January round up!

Did you have a productive January?
What was your favourite read in January?
What’s on your February TBR?

Speak to me! I’d love to know what you loved reading in January!

S x

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