YAY for YA!

I’m here to share with you some of the YA books I’ve read recently with some mini reviews.

I have pledged to write a review for EVERY book I read this month. Sometimes I don’t have time to write full reviews of books (sometimes I don’t have the brain power or the words), so I love writing mini reviews because it means I still get to shout about the books I’ve read and enjoyed!

I hope you guys enjoy these reviews! Let me know in the comments what you think!

The Last Paper Crane – Kerry Drewery

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1945, Hiroshima: Ichiro is a teenage boy relaxing at home with his friend Hiro. Moments later there is a blinding flash as the horrific nuclear bomb is dropped. With great bravery the two boys find Hiro’s five year-old sister Keiko in the devastated and blasted landscape. With Hiro succumbing to his wounds, Ichiro is now the only one who can take care of Keiko. But in the chaos Ichiro loses her when he sets off to find help. Seventy years later, the loss of Keiko and his broken promise to his dying friend are haunting the old man’s fading years. Mizuki, his grandaughter, is determined to help him. As the Japanese legend goes, if you have the patience to fold 1,000 paper cranes, you will find your heart’s desire; and it turns out her grandfather has only one more origami crane to fold…

This was one of the first books I read this year and it still now, a month later, is one I think of with fondness and awe. It’s a story that sticks with you. The characters and what they go through. I definitely cried a lot at this. It’s such an incredibly poignant and powerful story told in a beautiful way. It tells the story of a man in desperate need for forgiveness. A man who went through hell and then found love. He went through the worst of times, but then found kindness and love. It’s a hauntingly beautiful story about the power of the human spirit and how kindness can really change a life. It’s an incredibly moving and gripping story about the power of hope, love and kindness. I just want to hug the characters hard and tell them they’re the best kind of people. When history meets the present, can stories help to heal many years of guilt? Just beautiful.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken – Brigid Kemmerer

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Harper has freed Prince Rhen from the curse that almost destroyed his kingdom. But all is not well; rumours are rife that there is a rival heir with a stronger claim to the throne and that ‘Princess’ Harper of Disi is nothing but a fraud. Grey has fled the castle carrying a terrible secret. When he is discovered by soldiers and returned to Ironrose by force, Grey’s allegiances begin to shift. And as he grows closer to an enemy princess, he is forced to decide whether he will stand against Rhen for the crown he never wanted…

Now. Let me tell you friends. This book was one I needed in my life. I read the first book and despite really hating the ending of the first book, I was ready for this book in my life. I needed to know more about Grey. I needed know more about this world and what was to come. This book didn’t disappoint me. This book is a very Grey-centric book, which for me was PERFCT. You see hsi life after leaving Rhen and Harper. He’s trying to live his life in anonymity… however of course that doesn’t always work. Poor Grey goes through a lot and my gosh, I felt a lot of emotions with this book. It’s intense and I went through A LOT. I swore a lot at it. I have a lot of feelings. I love Grey than I thought it was humanly possible to. I NEED BOOK 3. There’s so much I loved about this book: characters, decisions, evilness, ruthlessness, cleverness. Man. Just brilliant. So so brilliant. I need book 3 because I need to know what is going to happen with my man Grey. 

19 Love Songs – David Levithan

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A resentful member of a high school Quiz Bowl team with an unrequited crush.
A Valentine’s Day in the life of Every Day’s protagonist “A.”
A return to the characters of Two Boys Kissing.
Born from Levithan’s tradition of writing a story for his friends each Valentine’s Day, this collection brings all of them to his readers for the first time. With fiction, nonfiction, and a story in verse, there’s something for every reader here. 

I knew going into this book that I was going to love it. I’m a massive fan of David Levithan’s writing. I didn’t realise that there were going to be some familiar faces. I didn’t realise just how invested I would become in some of the short stories. I’m not a massive short story anthology kinda gal, but this is completely one I can get behind. This book comprises a gorgeous collection of some familiar faces and some new faces. There’s some of these stories I would love to read more about. I think some of the chapters were autobiographical. I loved the inclusion of the different kinds of writing: there’s narrative, verse and there’s even a graphic novel type chapter. I loved that this book spoke about love. All of it. I’m all its guises. It all matters. It’s all love. Regardless of who it is between. I love David Levithan and this was just great to read. I laughed and I cried.

Run Rebel – Manjeet Mann

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When Amber runs, it’s the only time she feels completely free – far away from her claustrophobic home life. Her father wants her to be a dutiful daughter, waiting for an arranged marriage like her sister Ruby. Running is a quiet rebellion. But Amber wants so much more – and she’s ready to fight for it. It’s time for a revolution.

I was sent this book by the brilliant people at Penguin and it made me curious instantly. The proof copy is GORGEOUS, so it made me want to pick it up, and once I’d picked it up, that was it. I was in there. The story gripped me. The perspective was one I needed to keep reading. I went through this book feeling a LOT of emotions. It made me so bloody angry. Dad is a terrible man and the women are so horribly treated. You get a brilliant main character in this story. She’s surrounded by quiet, powerful women who aren’t always empowered to stand up for themselves. But when rebellion comes, it’s powerful. The scenes between Amber and her mam made me tear up. I loved the positive portrayal of the teachers in this book. Teachers can play such an important part in a teenager’s life that it’s refreshing to read a positive portrayal of a teacher! There’s such light, hope and love in this book. I can’t wait for more people to get their hands on this book because it’s going to get people talking! 

There we have it! My round up of some BLOODY BRILLIANT YA books I’ve read recently!

What have you read recently?
Have you read any of the books above?
Do you want to know any more about the books I read?

Talk to me! I’d love to know what your thoughts are on these books (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’VE READ HEART SO FIERCE AND BROKEN)

S x


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