Christmas adverts

Christmas adverts… love them or hate them they are DEFINITELY a thing these days. They make some companies BIG money! They probably cost a WHOLE chunk of money to make too… but I imagine they’re worth it! 

I love them. It makes me feel like ‘yes, it’s Christmas, I can get excited about it now!’ I love that on the whole they’re so heartwarming, so honest and just make you smile. They make you feel. There’s so much on TV these days that’s just mind numbing that it is lovely to watch something meaningful every once in a while. Christmas adverts ALWAYS make me cry. 

So here are some of my favourites! Let me just say though that I am a fan of a Christmas advert in general, they make the world a bit more festive! 

Toys R Us – Magical Place

Let’s get this straight. I’m a kid of the 90s. I was born in ’89. For me and my brother once you heard this absolute tune of ‘THERE’S A MAGICAL PLACE WE’RE ON OUR WAY THERE…‘ you knew… you just knew. It was CHRISTMAS. We used to go to Toys R Us every Christmas and would have £50 to spend! That sounds like nothing these days but when I was growing up (lol, how old do I sound?) it would get you loads! Some of my favourite memories are of me, my brother and my dad in Toys R Us buying Christmas presents!

Coca Cola – Holidays are coming…

I couldn’t do a Christmas advert post without mentioning this. This iconic ‘Holidays are coming… holidays are coming…‘ humming and the bell. Yeah, you KNOW it’s Christmas when this comes on the TV. My friends even now text me and say ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS! THE COCA COLA ADVERT HAS BEEN ON‘. So as much as it’s not the advert that is iconic but the song, it’s still gotta make the list!

John Lewis – Man On The Moon

Now I know not a lot of people loved this… I did. I really liked it. It helps that I spent my run up to Christmas using this advert as my literacy topic in Year 6 (I still have all of the work if any teachers reading this want to see! My Year 6s loved it!), so we watched it many a time. The kids loved it. I loved it, it was a great example of using video to stimulate learning as well as delivering a message about Christmas!

Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift

I love the message this promotes… that it doesn’t matter the gift you give, that it should be that you give your time. It’s very appropriate at this time that we’re going through at the minute… people need to be around people. You can buy them all the gifts in the world, but your time is what matters. I like James Corden. I like the song. Good work 2016 Sainsbury’s.

Now I think this last one may be my favourite of all…

Sainbury’s – 1914

This is the one with the soldiers on No Man’s Land. The one where they play the football match. The Christmas Truce. The one where the man leaves the chocolate in his pocket. The Germans vs The British. It was created to coincide with the anniversary of WW1 in partnership with Royal British Legion. Now, 2 years after the advert was made and probably 10s of times watched it still makes me cry. There’s something so touching about it all… the hymns, the war, the comeraderie, the opposition, the harshness of it, the true stories behind it. It just makes me so sad. But it makes me so hopeful. I absolutely LOVE this advert. It is everything that Christmas adverts should be. I also used this one a LOT in the classroom. My literacy topic in Year 5 that Christmas luckily was The Christmas Truce (planned long before I knew this advert was coming!). The whole class adored it. 

So there’s some of my favourites. The WW1 advert is definitely my favourite. Don’t let me watch it again. I’ll just cry more. And waffle on more about it too!

Do you have favourites in this list too? Any you think it’s an abomination that I missed out?

S x

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