BOOKMAS: Sarah Govett

During my amazing October trip to London for YAShot 2016 I was lucky enough to get talking to the amazing author Sarah Govett! We made arrangements to do something together for my blog and here we are and it’s featuring in my lovely blogmas!! 

I was also lucky enough that Sarah sent me a copy of both of her books to read through and I have to say I properly devoured them


The Territory trilogy… there are 2 books released at the minute but the third one is on its way! 

The Territory
“In the not-to-distant future earth’s surface has been drastically reduced, as the rising sea levels encroach on the land. The space and resources that remain have to be earned, and in The Territory this means all children must sit the TAA exams. Those who pass can stay and those who fail must make it alone in the inhospitable, disease infested Wetlands. Noa and her friends, Daisy and Jack, are ‘Norms’, meaning they have to study the old-fashioned way, while the rich children, or ‘Childes’, have a node on their neck that allows them to simply download all the information they need. With the exams looming Noa meets Raf, the boy with one green eye and one blue. Despite being a Childe he is not haughty or cruel, and Noa finds herself falling for him at the worst possible time.”

The Territory 2: Escape
“The second book in this acclaimed environmental dystopia series, Escape picks up where The Territory, left off. It follows teens Noa and Raf as they infiltrate the Wetlands – a kind of swampy penal colony, rife with disease and crime – to rescue their friend Jack, who has been sent there for failing the exams that all teens must take at age 15. Noa’s mad about Raf, but there’s also a reason she’s so desperate to save Jack, too.”


These books came at a time for me when I stopped reading dystopian novels but in reading them I remember what it is I love so much about dystopian YA novels – they are dark, brutal, but grippingly gorgeous. They are the kind of books you DON’T want to put down because you want to know what is coming next! Another thing I really loved about these books is that they were very true to the real life of being a teenager… exams, stress, decisions and pressure. The characters in these books have some very big decisions, some very big tests and some intense pressure on their young shoulders. I may be an adult but it is incredible to look back and think ‘yep, I’ve been there‘!


Sarah’s writing style is right up my street. These two books are so beautifully written that you don’t realise you’re reading and reading and reading. It just makes sense. The flow is beautiful, the phrasing works so well… it just worked. Sometimes I find (especially with dystopian novels) that you can get lost in the world and it be a dark and brutal world so that the story works, but the way these books were written the world is very real and very much true – you don’t need to imagine it being real because it is written so well that it IS real. 

The characters were really honest and real too. For me what makes a good book a great book is the characters. If you either love or hate them, stories and the people in the stories should make you FEEL because people in your real life make you feel. They all felt like they could be me, or that they could be my friends. You feel their pains, their stresses whilst going through these horrible test to decide if they’re going to stay alive or be killed – I mean C’MON who should have to sit a test like this?! 

I don’t want to give too much away in my review, I want everyone to discover the books for themselves. Enjoy the story for themselves, fall for the characters and feel their pain for themselves. I think you’ll all love this!! 

Thank you so much to Sarah for sending me these books to read and review! They were an absolute delight! If you want to follow Sarah I’ll leave her links below:

Keep your eyes peeled on my blog over the next few days for an amazing Q&A that Sarah agreed to do with me! Thanks so much to the lovely Sarah for agreeing to this!! 

S xx