Classroom Christmas!

Yes. Working in a school.
At Christmas. With 30 children.
I know.

I love a Christmas craft! This post will take you through 2 of my favourites, 2 very simple but 2 effective and quick crafts! All you need is paper, hands and scissors! 

This is my Christmas tree in Year 4. It’s made from different shades of green card and paper and then they’re just stapled onto the wall. It’s not perfect, and it’s not decorated… but I love it! The kids had a lot of fun today drawing around their hands and cutting them out… but I had some BIZARRE shapes for hands!! Get them to draw around their hands, cut them out et voila! You have a tree! Then add a star and a pot (if you so wish!). All the children have designed a bauble too, but I need to laminate those before they go on the tree, they didn’t look great not laminated… hello weekend job!


In a very similar vein… I present to you an advent wreath!! Exactly the same concept. Draw around your hands, cut them out! You need a piece of card ideally to staple to first layer of hands on, which you then stick the rest of the layers on to, but paper would also do! As I work in a Catholic primary school every week we have an Advent service, so after the advent service I add the newly-lit candle to the wreath. Again, a very simple but effective craft opportunity! The children can also make their own versions if you have enough time/resources! (I still need to add a piece of ribbon to this though! It doesn’t feel quite complete!) 


Do you have favourite quick and easy Christmas crafts in your classroom? 

S x