O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!

Yep, it’s that time of year again everyone… the time of year when everyone goes into their lofts, gets a bit dusty, fights with some boxes… to put up, assemble, decorate, redecorate, untangle and gaze in awe at our CHRISTMAS TREES. 

Now, controversially, putting up the Christmas tree is not my favourite job of the year. But the way that things have gone this year it was my turn to put up the tree, so the box was pulled out of the loft with all the decorations in, the tree, some old wrapping paper (??? okaaaaaaay) and the lights. They’ve sat in the sitting room for about a week before I decided to do anything with them! 

Our sitting room needs a little bit of a rejig when it comes to putting up the tree, but nothing massive! The coffee table needs to move from the middle of the room to under the window so the tree can stand on it. We just have a baby 4ft tree, it’s cute. My cousins laugh at it but I love it. It’s short, like me! 


We don’t particularly have a colour scheme for our tree – a lot of the baubles are ones that have been bought by people in the past… but there are purple and silver baubles on there! These lights on the tree were just new lights that I bought last year! I made the robin bauble in the first picture (teacher lols!). As you can see, no real theme… as my cousin calls it “whimsical”. I’m sure my mam will come back and change it all! But hey ho. 

As well as our tree we have the most adorable nativity scene. I love it! When I get my own house I want my own nativity scene just like it! Check it out!
cy2cqbvxuaa797mHow gorgeous! Mary and Joseph with Jesus, 3 wise men, a shepherd, a sheep and a donkey! I put them in a shoe box this year a la stable!

Not only have I decorated the tree but I’ve put up a few decorations around the sitting room too, just to give it that festive flair! The lights live in the fireplace all year round but only are allowed to be lit during Christmas time. There’s something so magical about fairy lights. I definitely would have them EVERYWHERE if I could.

So there we have it! Christmas has landed in the household of ALittleButALot. Who knew it would come around that fast! 


S xx