Mystery box

Whist scouring the internet one day I found this incredible of a ‘Mystery Book Box’. 

Image result for brown paper wrapped book

I found this picture on Pinterest (thanks Pinterest for some increible ideas that I can magpie and adapt!) and decided that that would be a great idea! Not for the kids but for the adults too! 

I decided to go through my shelves and wrap up some books in brown paper and write a very short synopsis of them on the paper. Then I put them in a box and told everyone they could choose a book. It instantly created conversations about books with the adults in school! It took a day or two but eventually all of the books were gone, just in time for half term! A few people even commented that they were sad that they didn’t get a book. 

Unfortunately, I let my book angel status slip for a while but I am coming back with a vengeance. I have a whole bag full of books ready to wrap and write a very short review of on the front. I’ve emailed everyone at work and told them that the books will be back and if they want to contribute their own then they are more than welcome to! Everyone has once again started talking about books. I had some incredible feedback from one colleague saying that she enjoyed the books so much that she’s passed them on to her friends! Imagine that! My little idea is creating more readers. That’s why I started this whole thing. 

Everyone is a reader, they just need to find the right book.

I love that it takes away the “judging a book by its cover” thing away (because lets be honest WE ALL DO IT!). I love that it makes me think very succinctly about a book because I don’t want to give away what it is. I love that people are getting involved. I love that people are talking about books. I love that people are reading more. I love that books are a source of enjoyment for the people I work with. 

Books are transformative. I love them. If I can make one of my colleagues into a reader, or that one of them can enjoy one book then I’ve done my job. 

S x