Fenwick Window

Growing up in Newcastle, we have this incredible tradition of our flagship Fenwick store getting an incredible Christmas window every year. Every Christmas we would go and look at the window. That’s how, as a Geordie growing up, you KNEW Chrismtas was really coming. Even now as an adult I get SO EXCITED to see them put the boarding up in front of the window. It’s always a top secret thing. No one ever knows. I think the people who work on the project are sworn to secrecy. But that just makes it even more special. I love that it is never revealed. 

Image result for fenwick window 2015(2015 Christmas in Newcastle! This was an incredible year! There were so many sights in the North East featured in the window! Santa crashed into Fenwick’s roof! Uh ho).

There have been some years I didn’t quite understand (alien year, I am looking at you), but on the whole Fenwick window is something that all Geordies know of and absolutely love. There is ALWAYS a queue at the window, going down Northumberland Street, of people to see the window. People with kids, couples older and young, tourists, locals. It’s absolutely incredible!

This year celebrates the 150th year of Beatrix Potter…

Image result for 2016 fenwick window

(For those who aren’t sure what Fenwick is it’s a department store on Newcastle’s “high street”, Northumberland Street).

(2012 Reindeer Express)

I have scoured the Fenwick website (so all credit for these images goes to their website, and I will put all the links at the bottom of this post!) and thought I would share with the rest of the world the incredible things we get to witness at Christmas time! 

 (From top to bottom: 2005 The Snowman, 2006 Gullivers Travels, 2007 Peter Rabbit, 2008 Oliver Twist, 2009 The Nativity, 2010 Santa’s Workshop) 

If you get the chance to come to Newcastle during the festive period, then get yourself up here! There’s incredible shopping but there’s also this. It is worth looking out for, it’s worth coming up for! Plus you can tell me you’re coming and we can have coffee! Woohoo!

S x


Credit: Fenwick website for pictures

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