My Christmas traditions…

As I’ve done this blogmas it has been amazing to read what my guest bloggers think of Christmas, what Christmas traditions and what Christmas means to them so I thought I would share just a short post on MY Christmas traditions! Now most of these are now my traditions as an adult, but some have prevailed since childhood!

1. New pyjamas: every Christmas Eve you MUST have new pyjamas. It is the rule. I don’t know if it is a thing everyone does, but we do. You get a new pair of pyjamas that you get to wear on Christmas Eve. They should match too (they won’t ever again, but Christmas Eve is a very special night).

2. Christmas Eve cocktails: my gorgeous best friend and I will, on Christmas Eve, go out for cocktails and swap presents. This was a thing we started a few years ago with champagne and cake but then it has since evolved into cocktails and presents. It is lovely. It’s so nice to spend some time with my closest friends on Christmas Eve.

3. Stay in bed til someone else is awake: growing up my brother and I were always in different rooms so we would knock on the wall when we thought the other was awake and then we would sneak into each other’s bedrooms to talk, watch something or play on his PlayStation until Mam or dad was awake (“until Santa had come”) . This was something that continued until he moved out and I have to say that even now as an adult I miss that! But I still remain in my bed until one of my parents is awake.

4. Piling up the presents: I realise I won’t have done this as a child but as long as my slightly older brain can remember I’ve piled up the presents in our designated spots. Paul (my brother) and I would be around the fire, one on the left and one on the right, Mam on one settee and dad on the other. I would dish the presents out on Christmas Eve and then the presents would be ready there for Christmas morning!

5. Family time!! I have a really big family and the aunties take it in turns to host Christmas breakfast. This is one of my favourite things in the whole year. We all get together on Christmas morning, whoever is hosting has to make sure there’s sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tea, wine, beer, whatever, on the go to please the people who visit in Christmas morning. It’s really important to spend Christmas with the people you love and going to an auntie’s house on Christmas morning and seeing everyone makes me so happy. We talk about what we all got and its great to see everyone. The aunties are there, the cousins, the husbands, the kids… loads of people! Loads of noise! That’s my family! Ever since the Twiglets came into existence Christmas has just been that much more special! I get to spoil them rotten and see their gorgeous faces! 

I’m sure there are loads of other things that i do but those are my main Christmas traditions. Do you have any Christmas Eve/Day traditions? 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Speak to you all soon!

S x

2 thoughts on “My Christmas traditions…

  1. theycallmemissbeth says:

    t’s a bit different since being with Michael, but growing up I always put on a Santa hat and passed out everyone’s gifts on Christmas morning. On Christmas eve we’d watch Muppet Christmas Carol (because of the One More Sleep Til Christmas song) and on Christmas night we’d watch Christmas Vacation. We’ve watched them so many times that we basically just all sing along and recite the lines with the movie. Also, my grandma only ever makes it through half of Christmas Vacation. We always make a big deal trying to decide whether to watch it (she hates it) and we always do, and she always says this is the year she’s going to watch the whole thing, and every year she gives up and goes to bed. It never gets old.❤
    Merry Christmas Eve, Lady!


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