March bujo

Morning everyone!

It’s finally March – the mornings are getting a bit lighter, the evenings are following suit and it’s actually been sunny in Newcastle over the past week (for those who know me know that the sun is my jam!).

As we’re in a new month, it’s time to share with you all my March bullet journal. I’ve known what I wanted March to look like for a while now! Once I posted my bullet journal on twitter, it became evident to me that EVERYONE thinks of March as the same colour scheme, ha!

March bullet journal

This month’s colour: green
This month’s theme: plants

(I’m going for a different colour/theme every month – January was blue; February was purple/love!)

March’s colour of the month is green, so you’ll notice that running throughout! I like to do a colour and theme as it keeps things all on the same wavelength, and I love flicking through to see where it changes! I sat on Saturday and did this – I put Frozen 2 on (which has become my most rewatched Disney as I work/journal/blog) and just beavered on. I’ve taken to adding washi onto the month page and I think it looks great (looking at the pages of my bujo its clear where each month is!) This washi tape is from Nutmeg and Arlo (you should definitely go check them out because I LOVE everything on there!). These 2 designs were both separate inspirations from Pinterest and I decided to fuse them together. I love my little terrarium (?).

The first page you come to after my title page is my monthly calendar. I use this mainly for plotting blog posts and seeing what the month has in store. I just kept it quite basic with boxes for the calendar. They’re big enough to write in a blog post title and a ticky box (so perfect for me!). I really quite love the title I did – I don’t often go with lettering like that so my first foray into that kind of wide capital lettering makes me happy! I really love the gradient of greens for the days not in March. This month’s bullet journal is a lot more doodle-y than other months (you’ll see as you go through this post what I mean!)

The next spread is a bookish spread: book post and books I’ve read. I LOVE my little plants on the shelves of my book post spread – they look so cute. I don’t pride myself on being a doodler, so this month’s doodles (well the ones I’ve done so far) make me smile lots! The first page is just quite blank as I fill it as books arrive! The books I’ve read page will be filled as I read books too – I added a ‘drop shadow’ onto my box just to give it a little bit more interest and then I wasn’t sure what to do with the dead space at the bottom, so you’ll see this vine as a running theme at the bottom of the pages of my bullet journal!

Let’s just not talk about my gratitude page too much haha! I must’ve said to myself 100000 times the months of the year rhyme to figure out how many days March has in it. I was convinced 30 days (despite the rhyme telling me otherwise), so my gratitude page doesn’t have enough boxes (let’s just not worry about that). I drew and outlined my mood tracker in black pen before I had my 31 day realisation (hence the random leaf in the middle). My mood tracker was actually satisfying to do because it’s all like mathematically done (12 degrees per slice!). I’ve decided to go away from tracking specific emotions and I’ve gone with tracking only 4 degrees of emotion – if that makes sense?

My next spread is my running spread – every month, since who knows when, I’ve been completing the Great Run monthly accumulators and March’s challenge is 15 runs! My 15 leaves running tracker looked much much different in pencil version, but I just went for it when I outlined in black and I’m happy with how it looks! Every month, I’ll be including the previous month’s colour somewhere (in February, January’s colour was on the mug of my mood tracker) and I thought choosing the word ‘flower’ would be a lovely way to bring a bit of colour into my green month! I really like how simple the quote page is (but I think it looks lovely!)

The final spread (for now, obvs) is the first weekly spread. This is what I meant by this month is doodle-heavy so far! I really went for it with the doodles on the days (the plant pots are the date and I think it looks CUTE AF). I think thiese terrariums will be a running theme throughout the month because I think they’re really cute! I like this kind of weekly spread where I’ve got big boxes for everything because I sometimes need the space! (Next week’s spread is very different – you can check out my twitter on Sunday to see what the spread for next week looks like; I’ve already started to doodle it out!).

And that’s it for now! I really enjoy my 2 hours of creativity on Saturday. My bujo isn’t anything fancy, but it’s MY bujo and that’s what matters. (Also… there’s SO MANY out there to magpie ideas from that that’s actually one of my favourite parts of the whole process!)

If you wanna check out my other bujo posts this year, you can check them out here: January bujo; February bujo.

Do you bullet journal?
How do you organise your life?
What theme have you gone for this month?

I’d love to talk journaling with you! Or inspiration! Or anything! Leave me a comment, or talk to me on twitter (@eenalol)

S x

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