April bujo

Well hello there!

How are you today? 

Today, I’m here to show you April bullet journal set up! 

I’ll be honest… I went off the boil a bit in March – I had a weekend away in London and it just totally knocked me off kilter, so I stopped updating. However, I’ve got back on the bujo bus and I’ve done my bujo for April and I quite love it! As usual, I scoured google images for inspiration and magpie’d some ideas, adapted others and then came up with my own! 


This is my title page (yes, I know. It bothers me that the a isn’t a capital, but it just didn’t look as nice with a capital letter… I’ll deal with it ha!) The example I saw and used as my inspiration just had black fletchings, but I decided to make mine green to match my green theme going this month! 

Next up, we have a quote page (we all know I love a good quote page) and then the monthly calendar (which now looks very different – I coloured in holidays and such like!) I really like starting the monthly bullet journal off with the monthly calendar – I can write important dates on and such like! April is a considerably quieter month than March though!

Over the page, we have my little mood tracker and my grateful page. I found this little cup and leaf dude while I was looking at examples of mood trackers and I just thought he was ADORABLE. I matched my quote to the theme of plants too. In terms of colours, I went back to using different colours this month (last month I used shades of blue and I found it a bit of a pain in the arse tbh). I realise it would’ve looked better with just shades of green, but hey ho! The other page is just a very simplistic grateful page… a line a day with a little quote!

The next double spread you come across is my bookish double spread – book post and books I’ve read this month page! On the left hand page is my book post – I’m still playing around with this page because I’m not sure how I best make this work. I’ve tried a few different ways to catalogue them and I’m just yet to find one that I love using. On the right, you’ll find the books I’ve read this month. By the time I remembered to take pictures, I had read 3 books! The yellow highlighter shows me a MG book: the green highliter shows YA books read. As it’s half term, I’m aiming for a good chunk of reading this month! I try to alternate between MG books and YA books. 


The last double spreads are my weekly spreads. This week was half term… hence the blankness. I’ve got a “next week” and the blank space beside it is for a “to do list”. I’ve got rid of my daily mood tracker but I’m doing it within my days. I get 3 smily faces – one for morning, one for afternoon, one for night time – and I just draw them in the daily box somewhere. It’s interesting to watch the patterns form! 

And that’s it! April in bujo! 

Do you like a colour scheme?
What are your must have bujo pages?
Which of your pages are your fave?

Talk to me! I’ll happily talk bujo all day! 

S x 

March bujo

Well hello there friends! 

Today, I have the joy of sharing with you my March set up in my bujo… I am RIDICULOUSLY in love with my monthly page (so much so that I’ve shared it on most of my social media haha!). Thank you for all your lovely comments about my February bujo post – you are all too kind! My bujo is very much something I look forward to doing at the end of a night. A tiny bit of colouring in, a big chunk of thinking about how the day has gone! 

Stop rambling Steph, and let’s get on with it:


March’s bujo colour scheme is blue and grey. I actually saw this idea months ago on a good old google search and it stuck in my head. I thought this colour scheme was fitting of the scene. I love the little paper planes!

My first 2 pages are a quote page and my gratitude page. I’m all about a quote now it seems! I had a few quote pages in February, and this has continued into March! I’m a big fan of the importance of kindness so decided this quote was the one to go with. The other page is my gratitude page. As usual, I choose one thing that I’m grateful for/one things that made me smile on that day and add it to my page. These are my favourite pages to look back on because I’m just reminded of all the positive things that happen in a month! 

My next 2 pages are my bookish pages: book post and reading page. The first page (on the left) is the page for my book post. I loved my postbox last month (and so did a lot of you!) but this month I decided to go back to a minimalistic approach. The other page is for my “books I’ve read this month”. I’ve strayed away from a book shelf type format and I’m just going to write any books I read in clouds (to match my front page!) 

Something new I’m trying this month is a habit tracker (left page). I’ve never had a habit tracker before, and I don’t honestly know if it’s going to stay, but I thought it would be an interesting thing to try for a month. I’ve decided to track going to the gym, daily reading, daily water intake, blogging, 8 hours of sleep and 10k steps. If I do the thing, I get to colour in the box. As you can see so far I’d managed to sleep for 8 hours but had not yet attended the gym… let’s hope by the time March finishes, I’ll have SOME of the gym ones coloured in! On the right of the double spread, I have my trusty mood tracker. I’ve gone for a Tetris style of tracker and using varying shades of blue. I can’t wait to see what it looks like finished to be honest. I’m also tracking far fewer moods than I have in the past – I’ve gone for excited, happy, meh, tired and sad


The last double spread we have so far is my weekly spread. I’ve gone for a different style from last month… I’m all about experimenting until I find the one I love the most. I enjoy using my weekly spread because it helps me to plot what’s happening in a week. My trusty mood graph is firmly in my bujo – I find it REALLY helpful for tracking moods and when I’m at my lowest (generally night time!) I have already needed to adapt it to add a “life” box, for all those life things I need to do that aren’t work or blogging related! (I’ll be honest, the fact the days don’t have capital letters makes me sad… but it’s for stylistic reasons! Also, if I’d been wise, I would’ve taken this picture before I wrote in it… but never mind!)

And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my blue and grey themed March bujo. 

Do you have a bujo?
What’s your favourite thing about being a bujo-er?
Which of my pages do you like most?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or tweet me! 

S x 

February bullet journal

Hello friends!

How are you all? What’s going on in your world?

Last year, I bullet journal’d really well for the first half of the year, but then it tapered off and I just didn’t dedicate as much time to as I should have. This year, I bought myself a new bujo and I found a newly invigorated passion for it. I didn’t share my January set up (because by the time I had remembered January was almost over and my bujo was mostly filled in), but here I am to share my February set up with you all!


Yes, I went predictable with the whole ‘love’ theme of my title page. Don’t judge me! I’m also really feeling a colour scheme this year. January’s colour sceme was grey and purple (which I LOVED). February’s colour scheme is red and pink.

Next up, I’ve got something new in my bullet journal – a monthly overview and the new addition of quotes in my bujo. I added some in January and I just found them lush, so I’ve stuck with quotes for Feb too. So I’ve done a “monthly overview” type of page. The coloured in days are days when something is happening (yay for half term!) and the grey coloured in days are days which are NOT February. I’ve other things to add to this, but I kinda dig it. 

Then we have the bookish pages in my bujo. The postbox page is OBVIOUSLY a page for my book post. I was much better at keeping track of my book post in January, so I’m hoping that will continue into February.  I have no idea where the inspiration behind the post box came from… but I like it! It’s fun. On the other page, we have a bedside cabinet with my “books I’ve read this month” pile on it! As you can see I’ve already read one book this month (it was The Extinction Trials: Rebel and it was BLOODY GREAT, my review is coming up this week!) and I need to add another book to the pile now! 

My final double spread (before my weekly spreads) is a mood/happiness duet. I saw this honeycomb thing on Google when I was looking for bujo inspo and didn’t have enough space for 28 different honeycombs, so I decided to half them and only use 14. The other side is my mood tracker – I’ve gone for the darker the colour, the darker my mood kind of thing (as you can see on the little gauge at the bottom). These pages end up being some of my faves when I look back through my bullet journals – it’s so important to find something positive EVERY day. There’s ALWAYS something positive to find… no matter how small!


And then we come to my weekly spread – I’ve blanked out a few things that the world doesn’t need to know about my life. I’m going to admit that I’ve used brilliant Kelly (of Kelly’s Rambles) as inspiration here (you should totally check out her bullet journal posts… she’s like a bujo goddess). I wanted to change up my weekly spread because I wasn’t inspired by the one I used for January… and I think I love this a lot! There’s room to put any daily things, and then room for to do lists too – PERFECT.

And that’s it for now! Share your bujo posts with me… I’m always up for more inspiration and bujo love! 

Do you bullet journal?
What’s your favourite thing about journaling?
Do you have a spread that I don’t have?

Talk to me in the comments, I’d love to talk journaling with someone! 

S x 

June bujo

Well hello… how are we all? Sorry for my sporadic posting this week! I never post this late normally… there’s some medical things going on in my life (nothing serious, don’t worry!) so energy at the minute needs to be reserved for work. Don’t worry though, all should be back to normal soon!

Today I’m here to show you my very much stripped back June bujo. Compared to my bujo months from the past, this month is VERY stripped back and minimal. I’m not sure whether it will stay this way or whether I’ll go back to the way I’ve done it in the past. I was a terrible bujo mam in April and May, so I wanted to ease my way back into bujo life with something much more simple and manageable (especially with all of the tiredness/poorly in my life).


The trusty month page remains because I need to know where the month begins… I really quite love my little ice lolly. It makes me smile! I’ve gone with a red and orange theme for this month, so there’s lots of red and orange featured!

Then we move on to this spread – book post on the right, mood tracker on the left.

I asked my friend Kelly (of Kelly’s Ramblings fame) how she kept track of her book post for when she does her wrap ups and she said in her bujo, so I decided I would try it and it SEEMS to be working for me. I’ve been very lucky so far in June that I’ve had quite a lot of post! I may need a second page for this. I am eternally grateful to publicists and publishers. I genuinely will never get over this whole book post thing.

For my mood tracker, I decided rather than assign a colour to a mood, I would assign colours to shades of mood this month. The brighter the colour, the happier my emotion, therefore the darker the colour, the sadder my mood. So far it seems I’ve NOT had a great month emotion-wise (blame this on being poorly/exhausted). However, note that ONE golden day – that is my Ed Sheeran day. I quite love this scale of happy/sad mood tracker style, so I may keep this… but we shall see!

The last 2 pages are my gratitude pages and my to do list.

My gratitude page I’ve kept really simple and I can just add to it as and when. I’m still adding a thing a day because it’s good for my MH to find something good about every day. Some days it’s a TINY thing, some days it’s something that is massive (hello Ed Sheeran). 

The other side is my to do listbroken down into school, blog and life. (This is NOT what my to do list looks like normally, I just took the picture before I put all of the other things on) You’ll see the red circle around the star beside Doctorsthat means I’ve achieved that thing… I have not (it appears) achieved much this month. HA.

And there you have it! June’s VERY much stripped back bujo. There are some things I miss filling in that I’m going to have to think about adding for July (my weekly mood trackers are something I miss, but for now, they can wait as I feel everything would be on the more negative scale!) 

If you’re interested in my other bujo monthly spreads, you’ll find examples at these links:
– April bujo!
– February bujo!
(I’ve just chosen 2 at random, if you use the search facility on my blog and search “bujo” or “bullet journal”, you’ll see the rest of my bujo posts)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my minimal June bujo – good, bad, indifferent. I’m all ears! As ever, leave me a comment, send me a tweet, email me – just get in touch. Happy to answer questions too! 

S x

April bujo!

Today I bring you my April bullet journal set up so far. (If you wanna see my past months set ups: November bujo!December bullet journal…January bullet journalFebruary bujo! and March bujo!)

Now, confession time: I did not journal AT ALL in March. My pretty bullet journal didn’t get touched. I just didn’t find myself reaching for it. I think it did impact my mood slightly. Not having that time to reflect on the day and find something positive in every day wasn’t there. I’m going to try and be a better bujo mammy this month. So far so good. It looks like nothing is filled in yet, but that’s just because I took the pictures at the beginning of the month. I’ll show you the end product in May’s bujo!

So yes, confession time over!

Here we go…


I’m a little bit in love with April’s title page. The weather so far has reflected this, so it’s an apt title page. I’m loving exploring and experimenting with fonts (I’m not GREAT, but I’m trying!)

Next are my mood pages. On the left I have my monthly mood tracker – I’ve gone with little yoyos (who knows what they are, I kinda like them though!). I’ve only gone with 6 moods this month, I’m STILL toying with the ones I feel most (I’ve said this EVERY month for the past however many months… please help me out here guys!). On the other side of the page is the trusty old sunshine of gratitude. I’ve since added a quote to the middle of my sunshine. This is becoming somewhat of a staple gratitude page for me, I just think it looks so effective and it’s not that complex to set up (unless you’ve got a 31 day month, then the maths is a bit harder!).

As ever, on the right, I have my trusty book post page. I’ve been a bit lax filling these in over the past few months. I always remember who/when I got my book post, but I wanna keep a track of this better so I can post it in my monthly round up. Let’s hope I can make my brain let it happen! (Also, LOOK AT THE FANCY PANTS WRITING I DID. I’m pretty chuffed with it). On the left, I’ve created myself a blogging page. I’ve no idea if this will work or not, however I am finding that I have blog ideas more often now and writing them in my phone does not always prove successful. 


Finally (for now) we have the trusty old weekly spread. I’ve tweaked it a bit since the last time I filled it in (see my confession). I’ve stuck with my mood tracker because this is not going anywhere. I’ve added a reflections box (the smaller purple one at the bottom) and a kind of master to do list (professional and personal columns). I have 700 million things to do at all times. 

And that’s all for now! I really do hope I can get back into my journaling groove. I missed it. Going back and colouring in these pages made my heart very happy. I love colouring in!

Have you ever lost your journaling groove?
What is your tip for getting your mojo back?
What moods do you track? (since I can’t decide!)

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter. I’d love to know that I’m not the only one who has ever lost my bujo mojo (haha!) As ever, I want to point you in the direction of Kelly’s Ramblings bujo posts because they are #bujogoals. 

S x

March bujo!

Hello March!

You came about quickly… the further this year goes on, the closer I am to qualifying as a teacher. This excites and terrifies me in EQUAL MEASURES. But I’m not here to talk about that today, I’m here to share my March bujo spreads with you all. My bullet journal posts are quickly becoming some of my highest viewed, so thanks for your love for my silly little bujo!

First off I thought I’d share with you February’s finished mood tracker page! I went with hearts and they look very cute all filled in…


Now on to March…

I asked Twitter to be the master of the colour scheme for March and I was pleasantly surprised with the results… I’m not gonna lie, I thought rainbow would win. I may let y’all decide on my bujo colour theme for April… we’ll see! 

bujo tweet


I am a little bit in love with March’s title page. I LOVE the flowers, they are very BATB to me. I think I saw the idea on Google a while ago and it stuck with me. Anything that screams BATB is GRAND with me! 

Next up is my staple ‘Book Post’ page – helps me keep track of the books I receive and reminds me to thank publishers and publicists. Next up, I made a monthly ‘To do’ page – this, I’m hoping, will help me keep track on things. I’m not great at using my weekly to do list, so hoping this one will be better. (It has since got things filled in… LOTS to do in March!!)

Then we have ‘March in moods’ – I’ve gone with bunting and I’m currently using words and smiley/sad faces to depict how I feel. On the next pages I have ‘Cause I’m thankful…’ (name that tune!) – where I track one positive thing a day. I love this page in my bujo. On a really terrible day, it’s lovely to look back. You can always find something positive, no matter how small! I’ve got a new page (because I had a spare page… EEK) so I’ve gone with a page for my blog ideas… who knows what’s going to go on that page guys!


Then, the trusty old weekly spread. This is now a staple in my life. I am still playing around with the layout and the boxes on the right hand page, but tracking my mood throughout the day is BRILLIANT. It’s helped me spot patterns. 

So there we have it! March’s bujo. I only have 1 weekly spread so far, as I kind of skipped the first week because, well, snow took over my life, so no steps to track. My mood suffered because of the snow, but hey ho. Back to work this week has been great!

What’s your theme for March?
Do you do themes?
Would you be brave enough to let Twitter decide on something in your bujo?

Let me see your bujo, tweet me, email me, comment! Let’s talk!

S x

February bujo!

Welcome to February.
I realise we are now 14 days in so I’m 2 weeks too late to say that, but never mind! Here goes…

I have a post coming up to show you January’s final bullet journal as I actually managed to journal for the entire month and I’m pretty chuffed with the finished result! Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my bullet journal, you’re all brilliant humans.

img_1426February’s title page makes me happy – my stars aren’t great, nor is the lettering BUT it’s pretty colours and that’s always happy news!

Next up we have a February dates list – a new page for me. I’m not sure if it’s handy at all or whether I’m just not interesting enough to have plans ha! There’s a few more things on now since I took the pictures but still I’m not sure if it requires a whole page. We’ll see. The other page is my trusty book post page. This is very handy for keeping track of my book post and reminds me to email publishers to say thanks! Some months there’s more post than page and that’s exceptionally lovely of them!

Since it’s February, yes I went for a very LITERAL monthly mood tracker. Sue me. I like my little hearts: they’re cute. I’m definitely managing to sort out the moods that I feel the most often, so my colours are becoming staple. (I’ve decided to take out lazy and swap it for demotivated… because that’s a kinder word) The other side is my grateful page (28 is a HORRIBLE number to have to split 180 by FYI, remind me of this next February if I decide to do this!) I’ve not thought of a quote for February’s page, so if you’ve got one I could put in the middle then please holler! 


The final pages are my weekly pages. Here is an example of my first week’s page. Daily tracking of lessons I’m teaching, a to do list, my trusty weekly tracker, steps and sleep (which only work when my Fitbit is working!) and then a box for notes/rants/ideas/worries etc. I think this weekly layout is becoming somewhat of a staple for me. I’m quite into it. I generally do this on a Sunday night and fill in what I know for the week ahead! 

And there we go! Come back next week to find out how I got on with January’s bullet journal! 

What staple pages do you have?
What do you have that I’m missing?
What’s your favourite thing to include in your bujo?

Let’s talk! I love talking bullet journals. Don’t forget to check out my brillint Kelly’s posts – Kelly’s most recent bujo post.

S x

January bullet journal

Hello there!

Today I am sharing my January set up in my bullet journal. I would share the end of December but you don’t wanna see the massive chunk in the middle unfinished. I’ve come to realise that doing my bullet journal at the end of a day is excellent for my brain as I have to reflect about the good over the day and not go to bed on a negative. So I’ve pledged to ensure that the same time I take my tablets before I go to bed, I do my bullet journal. Let’s see how that goes! 

So January…

This was a spread idea I stole from that good old trusty Kelly’s Rambles. I’m yet to add anything to my “future log” yet, but the idea is to put birthdays/essay hand ins/half terms/events on so that I have an awareness of when things are coming! I’ve done the whole year. 


Another new addition to my bujo this year is my Books of 2018 page. I’m hoping to fill these shelves (not all of them, that would be ridiculous) with all the different books I read and colour code them according to the month I read them! (I had read 2 books already by the time I took these photos, there’s more on there now!)


My next double spread is a bookish one! The first page is about #read365 (if you’re not sure what this is check out my book challenge blog post which tells you all about it! Also check out the hashtag on twitter!). The other side is my staple book post page. I hadn’t received any at the time of taking these pictures, hence the emptiness!


Next up is my monthly mood tracker and gratitidue pages. I love to find something new and interesting for my mood tracker, and when I saw this idea on the internet I thought it was lovely! I’ve gone for a different array of emotions again this month… who knows when I’ll finally get round to coming up with my definitive list. I like my little tea cup. The other side is my happy page – I come up with something that has made me smile, or made me feel good, that day and write it down. It’s an excellent reflective thing, especially if you’ve had a shitty day. I always make myself find something.


The final spread in my journal for now is my weekly one! As you can see I took this picture as I was in the middle of doing. A box a day, then one for the weekend, where I fill in whats going on on those days/what I need to remember. I’ve added a People to Thank box, as people are quite often lovely to me and I need to remember to say thank you to them. I’m not sure what I’m going to use the box at the bottom for… we’ll see! 

What do you track weekly?
What are your staple bujo pages?
Do you have a dotted, squared, lined or plain journal?

I’d love to talk about bullet journals! Comment and we can talk! 

S x

December bullet journal…

Today I bring you another bullet journal update post.

Now, I would normally share pictures of November’s pages here BUT as you may have gathered from a few of my other posts, November was a bit of a disaster for me (stress and illness being the main perpetrators), so my bullet journal took a sideline. The first third of November I successfully filled in, then it went a bit downhill from then!

However, I felt that a new month, a new approach so I am going to try and be better at keeping up with my bujo now that it is December. I took these pictures as I was almost finished, so there’s still 1 or 2 elements not quite finished, but my pictures will give you a feel for the December-ness!


Title page – I love my little lights. I’m not so much in love with my Christmas trees, I wish I were a better doodler/drawer BUT my lights make my heart SO happy that I can forgive them!


Next up is my mood tracker and my gratitude page. I used a Christmas tree and its baubles as my mood tracker – I think it looks really cute! I am still trying to get the right mix of moods that I want tracked, so I’m still playing about. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out at the end of the month. My gratitude page as you can see is really embracing the red and green of Christmas! I changed it to a more simple layout this month just to give it a go!


Next up are bookish pages – my ever trusty book post page, and my monthly reading page. I was able to write in 4 books already on my December Reading page, because I powered through them really quickly before starting my bujo designing! My book post page is ready for any bookpost I get this month!


(Apologies for all of the blurring in these pictures… there’s secrets that I don’t want to share!) These 2 pages are new this month! I thought it would be good to have a gifts page to remind me who I need to buy for and what I need to buy – hence the blurring out! The other side is a dates to remember page. Currently not very full, but I can guarantee that it will be full PRETTY soon. I have lots to add already! December is a busy month!


Finally, we have my weekly spread. I’ve found that this kind of layout really works for me, so I think it is one which will stay. As you can see, it isn’t quite completed yet (date and steps graphs aren’t quite done) but this is the general layout. I’ve found it useful tracking my mood daily, as well as monthly – there are some interesting patterns arise once you look over a few. My weekly overview helps me to stay on top of planning and other school stuff, as well as uni assignments and locations for training!

And there you have it: December’s bujo SO FAR. I’ll post pictures on my social media (@eenalol on twitter and Instagram, go give me a follow for pictures of books, bujo and more!) as the month progresses! 

What is in your December bujo?
Do you have any staple pages, that you use monthly?
What is your favourite thing about your bullet journal?

I would love to know the answers to these questions, and your thoughts on my bujo! Comment, tweet me, link me to your posts! I’ll come and check out your posts too!

S x


November bujo!

A new month is upon us, so a new bullet journal post is also upon us!

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm about my October bullet journal! post. I got some lovely comments from you all… I am still very much a bujo novice BUT I have started to see the benefit in using it every day. My bullet journal has quickly become part of my nightly routine – I fill in the mood tracker, my happy thing for the day and check out what is happening the next day. Not only that but it is now part of my weekly routine too, Friday night or Saturday night I will get round to doing the next week’s weekly page too.

Reflecting on the pages that worked really well in October, I have to say my mood tracker is easily my favourite mood tracker I have done so far – it looks SO colourful and gorgeous. I might share a picture on my IG/Twitter if you’re interested! I have to say November’s mood tracker isn’t nearly as fun, but I’m thinking about adapting the October idea for a Christmas theme… watch this space! Other pages that worked well were my book pages, primarily due to the fact I managed to read so much in October… 16 books in total! Wow! Thanks half term!

But anyway… now that we’re in a new month, we have a new set of pages! 


This is my month title page. I am WELL CHUFFED with the lettering. I know it could be so much better but I am quite impressed tbh. The random splodges are meant to be fireworks: it worked in my head, not so much on the page. But I love this page.


The next double spread is my mood tracker (see, not as fun as October’s umbrella) and my grateful page. I went for a maze of boxes and some new emotions to track this month. I definitely am still figuring out which emotions I feel most often to track BUT I think I’m getting there! The other half of the page is my thankful/grateful page. It says, “Find the sunshine in EVERY day” as I’ve come to notice that I NEED that look back and finding something positive about my days, especially on bad days. Looking back on these pages are great for my well-being too. Seeing the successes (no matter how big or small) from the months is definitely something to perk you up. 


The next double spread is a bookish themed double spread. My book post page is becoming a staple. I am still so very lucky to get book post, so this page helps me to keep track of what I’ve received and from who, whether I’ve put it on my social media and whether I have read it or not. It’s interesting looking back to see how much of my bookpost is the stuff I have read! (side note: how cute is my little face on my title?!) The other half is my books read page – I’m being brazen and going for 9 books… I don’t know if I’ll achieve that but I definitely will be trying. I started tracking pages at the end of October, so decided to add that in on this page too. 


My final double spread so far is the biggie – the weekly spread. I love the little flag post that helps me track the weeks (for those who’ve asked in the past, I track in academic weeks, being a teacher and all. My year works from September to August ha!) So there’s space for Mon – Fri, where I write in what lessons I’m teaching, training etc; a massive To Do box, because so much to do, and a Weekend box – if I have any plans that weekend (that don’t involve work ha!). On the other side is the basic calendar, a sleep tracker (I work better on enough sleep, it’s useful for me to track my sleep), a mood tracker graph (I don’t find my monthly mood tracker enough to gather lots of info about my mood over the day, but a mood tracker graph has become a fave of mine… I can track my mood in the morning, afternoon and night). There’s also a self care box (what have I done for my own self care) and a box for ideas (whether its blogging ideas, life ideas, lesson ideas: they can all go in there!). Self care and ideas is something new I’m trying, I don’t know if it will stay or not… we’ll see how well it works! 

And that’s it so far! 

What am I missing that you have?
Have you had a favourite spread that you’ve kept?
Which moods do you track?
Have you got any bujo tips for me? 

Talk to me! Show me your bujo. I love seeing them! You’re all so talented! Comment or talk to me on twitter/instagram (@eenalol). 

S x