January bujo

Morning everyone!

Those of you who have been here a while will know I used to bullet journal religiously. I’ll say that 2020 took it out of me and that teaching is exhausting so I found that it always would like filter off by the end of a year… but I am back in 2021 to try and bullet journal again!

I bought a dotted grid book from Paperchase (it was one of their Agenzio books!) and I still had all of my pens/pencils and what not from when I used to bullet journal.

I always aim to be better at tracking my book post to make sure that I’m posting about it and saying thank you to publishers/publicists… so far so good! I’ve gone quite minimal for most of my pages to just keep it simple because I think part of the reason I would switch off from journaling was the upkeep of all of the pages, so simple is best. As you see, my books I’ve read page is just properly simple!

This is my mood tracker and my gratitude page. Each night, before I start my bedtime routine, I write something that I’m grateful for and then I colour in the right tetris block one of the 5 colours. So far there’s a lot of green and red (being a teacher in 2021…!!)

My first week to view is just very basic. I’m not very sure what to do with this page as y’know lockdown haha. I wrote the word RUN in the hopes that I would run 3 times a week and each time I ran, I’d get to colour in a letter (clearly 2021 weather had other ambitions for me… it’s snowed pretty much every day this week!!) We’ll run again next week!

I’ve signed up again for the Great Run January accumulator challenge (which is 21 walk/run/cycle activities in January) so I made myself a tracker to keep tabs on them! Every time I do an activity, I colour in another box.

Something that’s new for this bullet journal is I decided I wanted some cute stickers to decorate the front of my journal. I got all of these from Bowler Bear Designs (https://www.bowlerbeardesigns.com/) and I absolutely love them (as I write this, I have the website open to buy some more stickers haha!) Well worth a look if you’re looking for stickers – there’s loads of different ones and there’s some proper cute ones!

And that’s it. I’ve kept my bujo simple this month. I’ll update you next month on how January’s went aand what February’s spreads look like!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my bujo again. I loved taking time (I watched many episodes of The Circle US as I did this!) to just be creative again. 

S x 

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