May bujo

HELLO THERE.  How are we all doing today? I'm here to share with you my May bullet journal. I apologise for it taking so long to get this posted... today we shall fix that!  So I asked the people of Twitter what they wanted my bullet journal colour to be and with a resounding 48% … Continue reading May bujo

April bujo

Well hello there! How are you today?  Today, I'm here to show you April bullet journal set up!  I'll be honest... I went off the boil a bit in March - I had a weekend away in London and it just totally knocked me off kilter, so I stopped updating. However, I've got back on … Continue reading April bujo

June bujo

Well hello... how are we all? Sorry for my sporadic posting this week! I never post this late normally... there's some medical things going on in my life (nothing serious, don't worry!) so energy at the minute needs to be reserved for work. Don't worry though, all should be back to normal soon! Today I'm … Continue reading June bujo

April bujo!

Today I bring you my April bullet journal set up so far. (If you wanna see my past months set ups: November bujo!, December bullet journal…, January bullet journal, February bujo! and March bujo!) Now, confession time: I did not journal AT ALL in March. My pretty bullet journal didn't get touched. I just didn't find myself reaching for it. I … Continue reading April bujo!