February bujo

Morning everyone!

It’s been a while since I shared my bullet journal with all of you. It’s something that I go through phases with.

This year, I’ve totally stripped back my journal and I have far fewer pages each month. I found that there were some pages I just wasn’t using, so I’ve changed my set up entirely and stripped it back a fair bit! Sorry I didn’t share January’s with you all… if you wanna see it, let me know and I’ll share that!



I still use a trusty Paperchase dotted Agenzio (I think they’re called) notebook. This year’s is dark purple. I much prefer dotted notebooks – I think it’s easier to get doodles and to think about spacing and things (however… there’s a bizarre number of dots in my notebook, so sometimes my spacing isn’t quite what I want it to be).

I have 2 calendars now: one for life and one for blogging. I started the blogging one in January and I found it really helped me keep track of WHAT I want to blog, but also keep track of the blogs I’ve scheduled. So I write beside each date what I want to post and then I circle it in the little calendar once it’s scheduled. My calendar is just a calendar – I write in anything that we’re going to see/do that month.

Next up, I have my movie tracking and my book tracking. A basic, but handy way for me to keep track of the books and the films we watch this month. I’ve left space on both pages because I may end up watching/reading more (there’s a half term in February, so I have more time and brain space to enjoy the things I love the best).

Finally (I told you I’d stripped back my bullet journal) I have a quote that’s really resonated with me recently and my mood tracker. We’re going on holiday in half term, so I’m embracing that through the colour scheme and the ice lolly mood tracker!


And that’s it – that’s my February set up!

Do you bullet journal?
How do you organise your life?
What theme have you gone for this month?

I’d love to talk journaling with you! Or inspiration! Or anything! Leave me a comment, or talk to me on twitter if you have any questions/comments (@eenalol)

S x

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