July bujo

Good morning everyone!

It’s July!!

As we’re in a new month, it’s time to share with you all my bullet journal. June’s bullet journal is summer-y themed – ice creams, ice lollies, the beach and all those joyful things! I’m sorry for posting this late this month… blame teacher tiredness!


This month’s colour: pink and purple
This month’s theme: summer fun!

(I’m going for a different colour/theme every month – January was blue; February was purple/love; March was green/plants; April was black and white/geometric; May was inspired by The Strangeworlds Travel Agency/red/brown; June was Scarecrow Queen and orangey tones)

I just started off my bullet journal with some different ice lollies on the month page (I still need to add the washi tape to the edge of the page!). I found this a really fun theme to do because I could be a bit more free with my colours and have a bit of fun with it. I set up my bullet journal while I was away the first week of July and it was a lovely couple of hours just chilling and colouring and being creative.

My first double spread is just my staple calendar to help me see the whole month. I went for dots of purple and pink alternating. This didn’t take me very long to set up at all and I think it looks really cute. The dots make an appearance throughout the month and I love them!

After the monthly calendar is my mood tracker and gratitude page! Again, nothing too fancy, but it works and now that I’m 2 weeks in to July, I really like it! I love how my ice creams have come out (I will tell you they looked particularly rubbish when they were just in pencil, so sometimes you’ve gotta trust the process ha!).

Then I’ve just gone for a very basic spread for my reading – I expect that when it comes to the Summer Holidays, I will need a LOT MORE space for saying what I’ve read, so I’m hoping this space does me between the beginning of the month and breaking up for the summer, ha!

I’m still running (YAY) but I’ll be honest, there’s not as much running happening as I wish because I am so so incredibly tired. I’m just using each of the stripes on the parasol as a way to track how far I’m running. Again, I’m hoping that in the holidays I will be able to run more often/more kilometres because I miss it… but my body just isn’t up to it at the minute.

The final spreads I’ve done for now is my brain dump page (which as a tired human have been a blessing because I just write everything down before it falls out of my head) and my first weekly spread (I told you those dots made a regular show of themselves!). I love how those dots added so much to that spread without it taking me forever and a day.

Last month, I said I’d show the things I used to make my spreads so below are some pics of the different pens I used!

Pic 1: Crayola super tips, Papermate Flairs, Zebra mildliners, Stabilo Boss pastel highlighters, Stabilo pens 68

Pic 2: Stabilo point 88, Bic intensity, Staedler various size pigment liners and 2 random biros

Pic 3: A range of random coloured pencils!

And that’s it for now! I really enjoy my bujo set up time. My bujo isn’t anything fancy, but it’s MY bujo and that’s what matters. (Also… there’s SO MANY out there to magpie ideas from that that’s actually one of my favourite parts of the whole process!)

If you wanna check out my other bujo posts this year, you can check them out here: January bujoFebruary bujoMarch bujoApril bujoMay bujo; June bujo.

Do you bullet journal?
How do you organise your life?
What theme have you gone for this month?

I’d love to talk journaling with you! Or inspiration! Or anything! Leave me a comment, or talk to me on twitter (@eenalol)

S x

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