October bujo

Morning everyone!

Sorry for the late posting of this bullet journal update for October!

I’m here to share with you my set up for October and I really really love it (I say this every month, but I’m waiting for the month where I don’t love it as much ha). I wanted to stay away from the ‘predictable’ October themes of halloween and autumn leaves (no disrespect to anyone who did those themes, but I ALWAYS do them, ha) so I went for something I love in life that gives me autumn vibes: coffee!


This month’s colour: brown/burgundy!
This month’s theme: coffee!

(I’m going for a different colour/theme every month – January was blue; February was purple/love; March was green/plants; April was black and white/geometric; May was inspired by The Strangeworlds Travel Agency/red/brown; June was Scarecrow Queen and orangey tones; July was pink/purple/summer fun; August was rainbow and pride; September was random shapes/multiple colours)

As always, I scoured the internet for inspiration and I found something like this that was so simple and yet so effective for my title page. Just a simple coffee cup, with some coffee beans. This is the perfect introduction for my October bujo – starting with a coffee’ish bang that we continue to go on!

My calendar spread again is just very simple – boxed out – every day has its own box for me to write in important things/scheduled blog posts/blog tours for me to remember and colour in once they’re done! I’ve got a ‘To Do’ list and a ‘Dates’ list down the side (hurrah for half term and being able to make plans) for just some additional bits!

The next 2 pages are the bookish ones. I wasn’t actually sure what to do about this page because I wasn’t sure how to integrate books without it getting too doodle heavy! I just went with a very basic outline and I’m just writing on the books that I’m reading on the page (rather than having them in a shape/complicating it like that). I saw this quote while I was perusing for inspiration and I thought it was perfect haha. I love the mix of pens and fonts for it too!

Next up is my brain dump and habit tracker (yes, I know, I’m shocked it’s still here too!). My brain dump page has kind of devolved over the past few months from a whole double page spread to just a single page – I don’t know if I’m ranting less or I’m just using it less haha. The habit tracker page is MEANT to look like cups of coffee, but I’m not sure I’ve been too effective with that haha. I’m tracking my water intake, taking my medication, exercising and leaving work by 5! Healthy habits to keep my work life balance in the right zone!

The mood tracker/gratitude page again is very minimalist this month (I love a good bit of minimalism). I was originally going to do 31 mugs for my mood tracker, but I couldn’t get them all uniform and it really bothered me, so I went with coffee beans instead (I’ve added the numbers underneath the beans since I took these pictures). Again, I’m just sticking with 3 moods (happy, middle, sad) and 3 colours. My gratitude page, like some others this year, is just a ‘write on anywhere on the page’ kind of jam!

The final page that was set up (by the time I write this blog post anyway) was the first week of October. If you look closely, you’ll see that I made a mistake with the order of the days (I don’t know how I did it either… don’t judge me, ha). I just kept this one simple and space for the things for each day underneath. I’m still playing around with lots of different outlines and different layouts!

And that’s it – that’s my October bullet journal so far!

If you wanna check out my other bujo posts this year, you can check them out here: January bujoFebruary bujoMarch bujoApril bujoMay bujoJune bujoJuly bujoAugust bujo; September bujo.

Do you bullet journal?
How do you organise your life?
What theme have you gone for this month?

I’d love to talk journaling with you! Or inspiration! Or anything! Leave me a comment, or talk to me on twitter (@eenalol)

S x

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