June bujo

Good morning everyone!

It’s June!!

As we’re in a new month, it’s time to share with you all my bullet journal. June’s bullet journal is again the same theme as my friend Charlotte (I copied her idea last month; she copied mine this month… it’s only fair!) My journal this month is inspired by The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury (if you’ve been here a while you KNOW that I’m a MASSIVE Mel fan).


This month’s colour: orange-y colours
This month’s theme: potion bottles/crowns… inspired by The Scarecrow Queen

(I’m going for a different colour/theme every month – January was blue; February was purple/love; March was green/plants; April was black and white/geometric; May was inspired by The Strangeworlds Travel Agency/red/brown)

Poison/potion bottles is quite an important thing in Twylla’s story (she’s the main character in The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy) so June is all about potion bottles and crowns (that’s not really too much of a spoiler…). I went with orange because the cover of TSQ is an orange potion bottle which is the inspiration for the cover page. Since taking these pictures, I’ve added some orange Nutmeg and Arlo washi tape on the edge!

My monthly calendar is just a basic view – I’ve said this before, but I use this to help me track my blog posts. I just went for different shaped potion bottles for each day of the week and then a different shade of orange for each of the potions. I use a range of pens for setting up my bullet journal. I’ve got some mildliners that I use, I use Staedler pigment liners for the black, some pastel Crayola Supertips and then various coloured pencils that I’ve collected over the years! (If you’d like to see a pic of the ones I’ve used, let me know and I’ll take a pic and tweet it and if that’s something that’s of interest, I can include a list/picture of my tools in each monthly post!)

Next up is my bookish spreads – book post and books read. I wasn’t quite sure how to get crowns/poison bottles in to these, so they’re just quite basic spreads, but actually it works for me! I have since added books that I’ve received in the post and books that I’ve read!

Next up, we have my gratitude and mood tracker. I actually asked Mel for 3 colours to track my days. I’ve gone for different days good day/OK day/meh day and see if that’s what works for tracking – I’ll be honest, tracking my moods is the hardest bit because some days are up and down! The mood tracker bottles took the MOST time to draw and then outline, but I think it looks so effective now that it’s done! I’ve gone quite basic for my gratitude page too – I’ve just got a blank version of the cover bottle and I’m just adding stuff to it every night!

My brain dump again takes up a double spread and it’s come to MUCH use over the past few months, so it’s something that will definitely be sticking around! The quote page (which accompanies my running tracker… not set up yet!) is actually a quote from The Scarecrow Queen and the bottom bit is me: I think I’m guilty (I KNOW I’m guilty) of being a perfectionist and I need a reminder every now and again to say it’s ok to make mistakes!

The last page I’d set up was a little different to usual. Because it was half term, I didn’t have a usual weekly set up, but I just made a ‘to do list’ type page for me to track the things I needed to get done in half term (I’ll be honest, I didn’t do half of them haha). I think this looks really effective and it served its purpose so I don’t need to ask more of it than that!

And that’s it for now! I really enjoy my bujo set up time. My bujo isn’t anything fancy, but it’s MY bujo and that’s what matters. (Also… there’s SO MANY out there to magpie ideas from that that’s actually one of my favourite parts of the whole process!)

If you wanna check out my other bujo posts this year, you can check them out here: January bujoFebruary bujoMarch bujoApril bujo; May bujo.

Do you bullet journal?
How do you organise your life?
What theme have you gone for this month?

I’d love to talk journaling with you! Or inspiration! Or anything! Leave me a comment, or talk to me on twitter (@eenalol)

S x

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