Cureadosity BRILLIANCE

Hello, my name is Steph and I am OBSESSED with picture books. I love them. I find them SO HARD to part with.

A while back, the brilliant people of Cureadosity put out a call out on their social media to see if any bloggers wanted to work with them. I’ll be honest, I entered, but didn’t think anything of it! When they emailed me to see if I wanted a box sent, I thought I was being pranked!

If you’re not sure who/what Cureadosity is: (from their website):

Cureadosity is a picture book subscription box for children aged between 2 and 6. It was founded by Alex & Daphne, a husband and wife team keen to find interesting and representative books for their daughter. They send a subscription box with 3 picture books, and you can choose the frequency of which you receive it (monthly, every 2 months, or every quarter).

You can find out more information on their website: Cureadosity website.

The thing that I thought was brilliant about the box was the range of books in the box! One of them was even a HARDBACK. That’s not something that happens often! The 3 books that were in this month’s box brought me such joy – these books are full of humour and as a MASSIVE Jon Klassen fan I was OVER THE BLOODY MOON to have his newest one in the box (yes I read it instantly and yes it’s just as brilliantly funny as the others!).

Not only does this come with 3 picture books, but there’s also activity sheets that come with them too. These have been a massive hit with my next door neighbour’s little girl (who I read the stories to and then gave her the sheets because she loved the stories so much!). I can’t wait to take these into school and share them with the kids (even my Y6s will love these!!).

If you’re looking for a brilliant subscription box for the picture book loving kid (or adult) in your life, I think Cureadosity is a bloody brilliant choice. You can choose monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription depending on how often you want to receive books/your budget… and at £20, I think it’s a proper steal!

A massive thank you to Cureadosity for sending me a box to review – I LOVED it so much! Picture books are my joy and this was the biggest and best surprise!

Are you a subscription box lover?
Have you subscribed to Cureadosity before?
What is your perfect subscription box?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

S x

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