February in books

Good morning!

It’s wrap up time!

February has been, gone and left us in its wake. I had a very productive reading month and that’s all thanks to half term! I just devoured and raced through so many books in half term (but I will say I have not read a single word SINCE… well, that’s not quite true, but y’know!).


I decided to make a change in my ‘bookish aims’. By the time we’d got half way through half term, I was already at 26 books, so I decided to up my Goodreads goal to 104 (2 books a week every week of the year). I’ve never done this before (I always just set my goal to 52 and then just smash it!), so it’s a bit wild for me.

Anyway… what did I read in February?

Let’s start with YA

Yes, I ACTUALLY read some YA in February. I still adore and love YA with all of my heart, but unlike kids books, YA books sometimes take a bit more brain power (that I don’t always have!). I have some exciting YA books lined up for March too! I raced through these three! I adored The Last Hawk (if you’ve not read any of Elizabeth Wein’s other books, I can recommend them!!). Reading the finale of the Cursebreakers series was satisfying and I am so glad that my man Grey [spoiler redacted]. (Also, how satisfying is it that these 3 books are the colour of traffic lights?!)

Now some graphic novels

I read the MOST graphic novels in February. I went on a bit of a mad buying spree (thanks to my pal Richard’s recommendations) and then once they’d all landed I decided to race through them. There’s some absolute corkers in this list and I think my kids are just doing to adore them! What’s better than returning to school but returning back to school with some new graphic novels to sink your teeth into? Some firm faves (Babysitters Club and Mr Wolf’s Class) and some new faves (Amulet and Goldie Vance!).

Finally for the MG books

Again, another lot of absolute cracking reads! Was very very lucky to be sent almost all of these from the publishers and I just had the best time reading them. You’ve got something for everyone (and all kinds of ages) here. Some stand outs? Shipwreck Island (obv), Show Us Who You Are and The Dog Who Saved the World (Cup). Each of them blew me away for different reasons!

I had such an incredible reading month and I feel incredibly lucky to have been sent lots of these books by publishers – so a massive massive thank you! It still blows my mind that people want to send me their books. All of the kids books will be making their way into school to be enjoyed and loved by my kids (either in my class library or the school library!).


I’m still being EXTRA EXTRA tracking my reading on Goodreads and StoryGraph (I have thoughts about both… but I’m sticking with it for now!), Like I said, I’ve changed my goal to 104… so let’s see how that goes!

2021 books read: 36/104

And that’s about it for this month!

What did you read in February?
What was your favourite read in February?
What are your reading aims for 2021?

Talk to me in the comments, or shout at me on Twitter! I’d love to talk and know what’s worth reading!

S x

2 thoughts on “February in books

  1. Louise says:

    Fantastic list of books! So glad you managed to enjoy some YA as well. I just booked up the first two books in the Cursebreakers series from the library so I am hoping that I will get to them really soon!


  2. Charlotte says:

    Hello. I am very interested in your thoughts on GR and Storygraph please.

    February looks like such a great reading month for you!


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