February in books

Hello there!

It is March already, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Genuinely though… February WHIZZED past. 

Today I’m here to share with you the books I read in February!

In February, I:

Had half term and it was brilliant
Started Priory of the Orange Tree and am still reading it!
Received lots of incredible book post (thank you publishers!)
Experienced lots of unexpected sunshine! 
Spent time with my goddaughters having a reading date
Shared lots of brilliant books with my kids
Had some bloody brilliant lessons
Read 14 books

So, what did I actually read in February? 

I read a whole host of books, with reviews for a load of them coming in the next few weeks – so watch out for those! Check out the reviews that are already live if it takes your fancy!

Let’s start with MG for a change!

feb mg

Everdark – Abi Elphinstone (World Book Day 2019 book!)*
Swimming Against the Storm – Jess Butterworth*
The Star Spun Web – Sinead O’Hart
Owen and the Solder – Lisa Thompson*
Asha and the Spirit Bird – Jasbinder Bilan*

And now some YA?!

feb ya

The Boy Who Steals Houses – C.G. Drews*
The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali – Sabina Khan*
The Quiet at the End of the World – Lauren James
A Girl Called Shameless – Laura Steven
The Extinction Trials: Rebel – S.M. Wilson*
Song of Sorrow – Melinda Salisbury*
The Cold is in Her Bones – Peternelle van Arsdale*
Devoted – Jennifer Mathieu*
The Disconnect – Keren David*

(any books with a * were proofs or finished copies sent to me by the publisher)

How am I doing for my book challenges?

Goodreads challenge: 25/52 (lol I’m almost half way already!)
#52books challenge (just kids books): 6/52

How did you do with your reading in February? 
What was your favourite read of February? 
What would you recommend me from your 2019 reading list?

Talk to me in the comments. I don’t need more books… but will HAPPILY take more recommendations! 

S x 

February in books

We come to the end of February. There are no days of February left (except today!). Today I’m sharing the books I read in February! 

(If you’d like to see January’s round up… check out January in books)

How was your February everyone? What did you get up to?

In February, I…

Had half term.
Read 12 books

Was quite poorly.
Read a fair few books.
Listened to The Greatest Showman soundtrack a lot.
Went to see Love, Simon and cried, a lot.

So how did I get on with my books in February?

MG books
When The Mountains Roared – Jess Butterworth (proof copy, will DEFINITELY be buying a finished copy when it’s out!)
Tin – Padraig Kenny 
Max and the Millions – Ross Montgomery (one of my fave kid’s authors… I shall be getting a finished copy asap)
Make More Noise – various brilliantly badass women
The Wild Robot – Peter Brown
Twister – Juliette Forrest (another proof copy!)
Nothing to See Here Hotel – Steven Butler 

YA books
Where The World Ends – Geraldine McCaughrean (not sure if this is YA or MG, I’m going YA just to be safe!)
A Thousand Perfect Notes – CG Drews (another proof copy which I will be FOR SURE getting a finished copy of, this book is incredible)
The Wicked Deep – Shea Ernshaw (YES GUYS GET ON THIS)
Out of the Blue – Sophie Cameron (a beautiful proof cover that I just like to stare at for hours)

Another month of more kids books than YA books… BUT I am still happy with 4 YA books in a month! I am SMASHING my book challenge goal! 

What about my book challenges?

#BritishBooksChallenge: 14/12 (maybe more!)
#52books2018: 13/52
Goodreads challenge: 25/52

February was an excellent month for books. Thanks half term and my own sheer stubbornness! 

How are you getting along with your book challenges?
What was your favourite read in February?
Can you recommend me any books to read in March?

Comment me ideas. Tweet me (@eenalol). Follow me on instagram (@eenalol) to check out the books I’m reading… plus sneak peeks at my bookpost!

S x