20 things about me!

Hello! It’s me! I thought I would tell you more in a blog! About myself. (It didn’t sound so self centred when I was planning my blogmas haha!) 

As I sit here I’m listening to my Christmas playlist on Amazon music and I feel festive as can be! So here we go it’s the 21st December so I figured…

21 things you may not (or may) know about me!
Thank you to all of the people who helped me think of interesting things about me!

  1. I have an awful lot of letters in my name – 24 in total! 
  2. I am a bit of a collector! Pens, nail varnishes, sharpies, ear rings.
  3. I love mint Matchmakers.
  4. When I was growing up I wanted to be a ballerina, a vet or a teacher. I went for the teacher option. I knew as soon as I was able to make that conscious decision that teaching was the way for me. 
  5. Reading Matilda and Charlotte’s Web had a massive impact me as a child.
  6. I have a really big family. My mam has 6 sisters, so I have LOTS of cousins. 
  7. My brother lives in Sweden. I’ve only visited once but it was so snowy that I think it put me off for life. I hate snow.
  8. I am quietly passionate about Newcastle United. I don’t live far from St James’ Park and I absolutely love it. Football is one of the loves of my life, it’s in my blood!
  9. I have many nicknames. The most prominent one is ‘Spot’. There is a tale behind that… I shall have to ask one of my aunties/my mam to recap that one for me. Something about when I was born? 
  10. Growing up, my brother and I would speak to each other backwards. We developed our own language and it still is evident in our text message conversations these days. From that we developed nicknames of Luap (Paul backwards) and Eena (Einahpets is Stephanie backwards but far too difficult to say, so it became Eina which then became Eena).
  11. I love books. I know, you never would’ve guessed ay? Mostly fiction. Mostly ones that involve magic and fantasy
  12. Katniss Everdeen may be one of my least favourite leading ladies. I just found her really unlikeable in the books.
  13. White chocolate and raspberry is my favourite combination in the world. It should always exist. Sadly it only tends to exist in summer.
  14. Love Actually, Notting Hill and Sister Act 2 are my favourite films of all time.
  15. I have a tattoo on my lower back of a treble clef and a red star. I want more.
  16. I hate winter. I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) and winter wreaks havoc with my moods! 
  17. I can’t stand having notifications unread on my email/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat. If I know they’re there, they’ll be read. 
  18. Leading on from that, I am a PROLIFIC texter. I couldn’t count the amount of texts I send. Leading on from the leading on from, I HATE phone calls
  19. I used to have recurring dreams about pitbull dogs when I was younger, in a distorted world where everything was in skewed perspective. 
  20. I would love to play Tracey Turnblad from Hairspray on stage one day. I would also love to write a children’s book. I doubt either of those things would ever happen though!
  21. (now this is the last one, it has to be interesting…) (my mind has gone blank. I am obviously not interesting…) I didn’t read Harry Potter until I was 23/24. I am not a fan of “hyped” books. I wanted to discover them in my own time! I read them all in the space of a few months though. The Cursed Child is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read… I am afraid to open it!

So there you are, 20 things about me. Some you may have known about me, some which will be new! I hope you’ve learned something new about me! 

S xx

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