Christmas Cora-ling!

IT’S GUEST BLOGGER TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. This time round we have one of my newest blogger pals and she is amazing. We’ve been friends on Twitter for a while but (like I’ve been mentioning in lots of posts recently) we met at YAShot in London in October. We bonded more over our love of books and wine! (If you were following me on Instagram at the time you would’ve seen my pictures of wine… they were ALL CORA’S FAULT). You should all go and check out Cora, she’s incredible and her blog is lush! She’s a northern book loving gal like me… what’s not to love!! (links at the bottom of this post!!) 
What are your favourite things to do in Winter/Christmas time?
Every December, I drop whatever I was reading before and I throw myself into festive reading. If it has even the merest hint of Christmas or winter, I’m all over it. It’s something I only started when I started blogging, but it is so much fun. Then when Christmas passes, it’s a made rush to finish those books I unceremoniously dumped in those few days before New Year – I love a fresh start with new books.
Perhaps my favourite thing, when it’s cold and wet outside, is to curl up with a blanket draped around me, a scented candle burning away, a hot cup of tea on the table, a book in my hand… And escape into a book.
What were some presents you loved as a child?
I probably loved books second best at Christmas, because when I was a wee yin I loved Polly Pockets. I could sit for hours playing with those tiny figures, playing out any and every story in my head. I had all of the book shaped ones and those were my favourites – I used to set them side-by-side and imagine transporting through worlds like the Pevensie children stepping through the wardrobe.
If you could have Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I love Christmas with my family, and I wouldn’t change it. I love the mad scramble mid-December to tidy the living room for the tree – we’re a very messy bunch – and then never putting on The Big Light for the rest of the year, lighting our way with fairy lights. I love waking early, sitting on the floor and arguing over who will make the tea, and then drinking bucks fizz anyway. I love the six hour family Man vs Food event that is Christmas Dinner, and the dogs circling the table like hopeful, land-bound buzzards. I love the board games and charades as we laze around the table picking at left-overs and ignoring the dishes, cackling again at the bad Christmas cracker jokes…

I wouldn’t change a single thing, but it could be anywhere so long as it’s with my family.

Tea Party Princess Book Blog

Cora’s Blog – Tea Party Princess
Cora’s Goodreads
Cora’s twitter

Now go my friends and follow Cora, you won’t regret it!! 

Thank you so much to Cora for agreeing to write this blog for me for my first blogmas! It means the world! 

S xx

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