Christmas lessons #2


One of my favourite stand alone (or can be woven into other subjects) Christmas lessons to do is Christmas around the world! 

I am very lucky in that I have lots of friends in a few different countries around the world who are willing to share their country’s Christmas traditions with me! Two years ago I used my brother and the Christmas traditions in Sweden to teach the children all about Christmas in Sweden. It’s all very different over there and the kids absolutely loved it!

There are loads and loads of resources out there to help you with this! 

There’s a few different ways you could do it…

  1. Everyone could concentrate on the same country
  2. Children could work in groups of 5/6 to work on a few different countries
  3. Children could work in pairs to work on a lot more countries
  4. Children could work independently to work on countries

I have found that it always works better in small groups or pairs personally, but that’s my children in my school! I’m sure in every setting it works differently! 

There are any number of different things you could do too. Some examples of things you could do:

  • Create a poster for the country
  • Children create a fact file of the country and their traditions
  • As children to produce a powerpoint, or a book (either a physical book or in a book creator app) about their country
  • Children could create something for them to teach their friends with, or younger pupils
  • Children do work to present an assembly or present to another class

Now, I have to say, I’ve done this 2 years in a row and both years the children have been so engaged and so curious as to how Christmas works in other countries that it has produced amazing results! I do have lesson planning which I am more than happy to share if anyone wants it!

The wonderful people at Twinkl have all kinds of gorgeous Christmas around the world activities! There’s all sorts from powerpoints, to activity sheets, to fact files to help with this kind of work. There’s assembly scripts, if you wanted to turn your learning into an assembly. They’re so incredible over there in the world of Twinkl that most, if not all, of their resources come in multiple languages, they come in differentiated ability groups and you can choose black and white or colour! That’ll make lots of school business managers happy! No more colour charging for the photocopier!

Some of my favourites are:

As I say these are just some of my personal favourites, but get searching on Twinkl! There are SO MANY amazing resources! 

S xx


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