Reading for Christmas?

For me, books are the PERFECT Christmas present! I always have books on MY Christmas list. Last year my Christmas list was primarily books. Let’s have a think about this.

Why are books the perfect present?

  1. They’re personal – they show you know the person well enough to pick something you know they’ll like.
  2. You don’t need to plug them in/charge them up. They work perfectly well on their own.
  3. You can read them anywhere.
  4. “Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world.” – Neil Gaiman
  5. You can share your favourite book with someone who’s not read it before.
  6. You can open people up to worlds they have never visited before!
  7. Children love books. You’re giving them a gift of not just a physical book, but a love of reading. 
  8. They’re easy to wrap! They’re mostly rectangular!
  9. Going into bookshops is a wonderful thing. They’re places filled with many worlds, so you’re likely to pick something up for yourself too!
  10. Books are FAR LESS expensive than games, yet they can provide SO MUCH MORE.

Ever since the Twiglets (those gorgeous god daughters of mine) were born I’ve bought them books for birthdays/Christmases/random Saturday presents/Easter. I can’t think of a gift I would rather give them. Now looking at them they’re two of the most adorable bookworms I know. This year for Christmas they are again getting books for Christmas. You can never be too old or too young for books for Christmas. 

They’re also very lucky in that this year they’ve got a book advent calendar! That’s right, every day from December 1st to December 25th they’re getting a new book. I was lucky enough to get some help for making this book advent calendar happen. I went out and bought some books but was sent some books too! I think it’s an amazing idea. I can take no credit for it, but I was more than happy to help make it happen. 

Children need books. Adults need books. Books can be transformative. 

If you’re ever after somewhere inexpensive to buy books try The Works, The Book PeopleAmazon (they quite often have deals on if you’re willing to look!). There are so many websites out there. 

Books are my favourite gift to give and my favourite to receive. 

Go on, try it. Give someone you love a book this Christmas. They’ll love it. Readers and non-readers alike!

S x

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