Bullet journal

Hello! Happy Friday

Today is something a little bit different. I recently started a bullet journal and I thought I would share with you some of my spreads! I would love to see your own bullet journals, link me in the comments or on twitter. I am by no means the most artistic person in the world, nor do I have the most amazing bullet journal BUT I am finding my artistic side for my bujo and I love colouring in! 

If you’re looking for bullet journal inspiration, my friend Kelly’s blog posts about her journal are incredible. I got to witness her setting it up when we were at YALC and I just made such heart eyes! Follow this link to see all of her bujo posts… she’s absolutely wonderful. 



This is my monthly “title” page (maybe they have another name!) Just the standard September things… BACK TO SCHOOL MOSTLY.


My next double spread is a very bookish one! Book shelves for the books I read this month and a book to write my TBR on (I know, my TBR is out of control, shush). The other page is dedicated to any book post I get – this should help me to keep track of blogging/tweeting/instagramming them! 


Next comes my mood tracker – I tried to do a tetris one last month but I totally failed at journaling in August, I am trying harder in September ha! – I decided to go for a “colour in the cacti” with 6 different emotions (I’m not sure of these emotions to be honest…which emotions do you track?). There’s a small little ‘vent here’ box (ha!) which I think may come in handy!


Then we come on to a to do list style thing for blogging/working and uni stuff. I’ve started my SCITT (teacher training programme!) and it’s going to help me keep track of what needs to be done/what I have managed to do! This page will be repeated weekly for each week in September – it may change slightly, it depends what needs more attention! The blogging side is quite straight forward and I can tell you it is already full, so I may need to rethink this page! 


The last page, which exists at the minute, is my gratitude page! So there’s a box for each day of September (I do not know what I’m going to do when there are 31 days because this works out brilliantly, mathematically!) and at the end of the day I write in something I’m grateful for that day. It’s lovely to look back on happy things from the month!

So that’s my September spread! I would love to see yours!

Do you bullet journal?
Do you have a favourite spread? 
Do you have a go to colour scheme?

Share your links in the comments or on twitter! I am after some more bujo inspo! Don’t forget to check out Kelly’s posts too!

S x

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