An EPIC book tag!

Hello pals! I saw this tag on My Little Book Blog and thought “you know what I want to do? Answer 50 questions about books” (ha!) so here we go… I hope you have a cup of tea at the ready or something! (In fact, let me know what kind of tea you have… and if you have a biscuit!)

1. What was the last book you read?
The last book I finished was Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman.

2. Was it a good one?
I really enjoyed it! I want the next book now!

3. What made it good?
It was amazing to be back in that world, and they’re brilliantly paced.

4. Would you recommend it to other people?
Absolutely! Read Scythe first though!

5. How often do you read?
I’d say daily! There’s odd days where I don’t read, but I aim to read every day.

6. Do you like to read?
No, it’s the worst (LOL)

7.What was the last bad book you read?
Bad book? OOOH. The only one that springs to mind is The Smoke Thieves… but only because it takes 80% of the book to get anywhere.

8. What made you dislike it?
It’s just a bit slow. I did get to the end and think “ah that wasn’t too bad”, it just took SO LONG to get anywhere.

9. Do you wish to be a writer?
I go between yes and no for this. I love writing, but I don’t think I’ll ever write anything publish-worthy.

10. Has any book every influenced you greatly?
Yes, 100%.

11. Do you read fan fiction?
I used to.

12. Do you write fan fiction?

13. What’s your favorite book?
Ever? Matilda.

14. What’s your least favorite book?

15. Do you prefer physical books or ready on a device (like a kindle)?
Physical books > kindle. I love my kindle, but I’m a bigger fan of reading physical books.

16. When did you learn to read?
I do not know the answer to this, but I’d presume when I was at school?

17. What is your favorite book you had to read in school?
1984. We did it for GCSE English and I bloody loved it.

18. What is your favorite book series?
The Sin Eater’s Daughter series by Melinda Salisbury.

19. Who is your favorite author?
REALLY? That’s the worst question.

20. What is your favorite genre?
Fantasy… but not high fantasy. I’m all about magic and potions and poison.

21. Who is your favorite character in a book series?
Jin from Rebel of the Sands for aesthetically pleasing reasons. Twylla from The Sin Eater’s Daughter series for badass. Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows for wit.

22. Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?
Every time I open a book.

23.Which book do you wish had a sequel?
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Tbf, I just want a book all about Simon and Blue.

24. Which book do you wish DIDNT have a sequel?
Oh, I’m a massive fan of sequels, so I dunno if there’s going to be one I could name.

25. How long does it take you to read a book?
How long is a piece of string? Genuinely though, it depends on so many factors.

26. Do you like when books become movies?
I don’t watch that many movies so I don’t know that I have that many opinions.

27. Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?
Again, I don’t know that I have enough experience in this to give you an answer.

28. Which movie has done a book justice?
I loved Me Before You – both the film and the book. So let’s go with that.

29. Do you read newspapers?

30: Do you read magazines?
Not very often!

31. Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?
It depends what I’m after.

32. Do you read while in bed?
I’d say 70% of my reading happens in bed.

33. Do you read while on the toilet?

34. Do you read while in the car?
I’m not in a car often enough to read in it.

35. Do you read while in the bath?
I’m not much of a bath person, I much prefer showers. It is not recommended to read in the shower.

36. Are you a fast reader?
Other people say I am, so I guess so?

37. Are you a slow reader?

38. Where is your favorite place to read?
On a train or a bus.

39. Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?
Concentrate on reading? No. I’m generally only focused on reading as I read.

40.Do you need a room to be silent while you read?
Ha, this is where I’m a bit bizarre. If I’m on a bus/train, I need noise. But if I’m at home, then it has to be silent.

41. Who gave you your love for reading?
I’ve never not been surrounded by books.

42. What book is next on your list to read?
I’m currently reading The Boneless Mercies by April Tucholke.

43. When did you start to read chapter books?
I remember reading Matilda and The Secret Garden when I was like 7 or 8, so probably just before then!

44. Who is your favorite children’s book author?
You can’t beat Roald Dahl, but of recent years? Maz Evans, Kiran Milwood Hargrave, Ross Mackenzie, Abi Elphinstone.

45. Which author would you most want to interview?
Anna James – I’ve had the joy of meeting her at events, but I’d love to sit down and have a chat with her.

46. Which author do you think you’d be friends with?
I’d love to be friends with Chloe Coles – she’s hilaarious.

47.What book have you reread the most?
There’s only one book I’ve ever reread… Matilda.

48. Which books do you consider “classics”?
Books written a canny few years ago. I’m not really a reader of classics.

49. Which books do you think should be taught in every school?
OH THIS IS A GOOD QUESTION, which right now I don’t have an answer for. But this could be a good question for a blog post!

50. Which books should be banned from all schools?
Should any books be banned? This is an interesting question. I shall mull over it. “Banning” books doesn’t sit well with me.


And there we have it! I will be WELL IMPRESSED if anyone managed to stick with me through those 50 questions. Let me know if you did, you deserve a sticker!

S x

Q&A: David Owen

Hello my friends! 

Today I have an absolute treat for you – a Q&A with one of my favourite twitter author people, David Owen. His new book All The Lonely People is coming out next year and I managed to corner him (figuratively, obviously) to ask him a few questions about his new book! I have a sampler ready to read and I’m looking forward to it immensely. Check out the end of this post for more details about the book!


Can you tell us a little about the main characters?
All the Lonely People has two main characters – Kat Waldgrave and Wesley Graham.

Kat has always struggled to make friends and feel accepted, and she believes the only place she can really be herself is online. She’s a big geek, loves developing her own video games, bingeing TV shows, and so on. So she’s got really involved in the online communities that inevitably spring up around things like that. She has made what she considers friends, people like her, who like her, and she values that so much.

In many ways, Wesley is very similar. He also struggles to make friends and doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere. To try and assuage his detachment and loneliness he too has turned to the internet, but has ended up falling in with a less desirable crowd – the kind of that takes advantage of disillusioned young men to serve their own agenda. This ultimately means Kat becomes a target for him, which brings their lives together.

If you had to describe this book in 5 words, what would they be?
All. The. Lonely. People. Book?
I. Really. Hope. It’s Good?

No, um, I don’t know! Maybe ‘Kindness and Empathy Defeat Hatred‘? It is far too full of pretentious nonsense for me to describe succinctly!

‘All The Lonely People’ is an interesting title for the book, where did it come from? Was it alway titled that?
The title is shamelessly nicked from the chorus of the Beatles song ‘Eleanor Rigby’. It’s a great song, and one that I have always found particularly melancholy, evocative of loneliness. Lines like ‘Eleanor Rigy died in a church/And was buried along with her name/Nobody came.’ It’s just really sad, and fit the book really well.

For a long time the book was called ‘The Lonely People (Are Getting Lonelier)’, which is also nicked from a song of the same name by an ambient band called Stars of the Lid. But that wasn’t quite as snappy!

If Wesley and Kat had to have fictional best friends from other books, who would they be?
It says a lot about the characters that I can think of loads for Kat and none for Wesley! I think Kat would get on really well with anybody who is fairly unabashed about being their nerdy selves. So maybe Frances and Aled from Alice Oseman’s ‘Radio Silence’, Cath from Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Fangirl’, or Claire from Non Pratt’s ‘Truth or Dare’. I think she’d get on with a lot of people!

Wesley is a lot more difficult. In many ways, he is thoroughly unlikeable, and tremendously adept at falling in with the wrong crowd. As he is at the beginning of the book, he’s more likely to be friends with any of the dickhead male bully characters you see in YA – I can’t think of any specific people! By the end of the book, he might have a better chance of making real friends…

What emotions is this going to make the reader feel?
I hope a lot of different ones! I feel like this is my most emotionally honest book in many ways – I have a natural cynicism about me which in the past I think has made it difficult to be completely honest and open with emotional stuff for fear of it being a bit cheesy. I really tried to put that aside with this book. So I hope people will feel sad, excited, and angry at that various points of the book. I also hope they’ll find it funny and a bit weird. More than anything, I really hope it resonates with people who are prone to feeling loneliness – which I think is more people than will ever admit it.

What inspired you to write a book that focuses so heavily on a person‘s online presence?
Partly because it’s just such a huge part of our lives now, particularly for young people. Almost every day there are fascinating/uplifting/unusual/horrifying stories about how the internet has affected people’s lives. A lot of people – usually slightly older people who didn’t grow up with the internet – still think of it as separate to the ‘real world’. But it is now a fundamental part of everyday life. Whether that’s young people competing for Instagram likes with their classmates, or the right-wing propaganda movements that have influenced elections. That influence needs to feature more prominently in YA stories, and needs to be examined.

So this books aims to look at the positives and negatives of young people being so involved online. How it can prevent young people from being lonely by connecting them with like-minded friends, but also make them feel more lonely because it seems like everybody in your social media feeds is leading a better life than you are. How you can find a place to belong, but also how that vulnerability can be used against you. This wasn’t something I had really seen in YA before.

If you had the chance to escape, quit, disappear, could you do it?
Probably not for very long! I spend an inordinate amount of my time on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. In many ways it’s made a hugely positive impact on my life – I’ve made some really close friends ‘in real life’ through Twitter, and becoming a part of the book/UKYA community has been brilliant, because it’s full of brilliant people. But I also end up feeling like people on there are doing so much better than me – going out more and doing amazing things, having more successful careers, and so on. Refreshing Twitter has become a bit of compulsion when I’m watching TV or something fairly inactive. But I would definitely miss it if it were to disappear. Last year I went to Australia and was in the Outback for five days with no signal or internet. It was kind of glorious not feeling like I had to show off what I was doing, keep up with everybody, and also being away from the constant newsfeed of dread and despair. But when I got back it was lovely to check in with everybody. At the moment I think the positives outweigh the negatives for me. 

What should people expect to find on your social media?
Mostly nonsense, moaning, and pictures of my cats. I can never put enough pictures of my cats online. (As a fond follower of David’s twitter, I can confirm there is an exceptional thread of pictures of his cats).


All The Lonely People – David Owen
Released: 10.1.19
Published by: Atom Books

“Everyone tells Kat that her online personality – confident, funny, opinionated – isn’t her true self. Kat knows otherwise. The internet is her only way to cope with a bad day, chat with friends who get all her references, make someone laugh. But when she becomes the target of an alt-right trolling campaign, she feels she has no option but to Escape, Delete, Disappear.
With her social media shut down, her website erased, her entire online identity void, Kat feels she has cut away her very core: without her virtual self, who is she?
She brought it on herself. Or so Wesley keeps telling himself as he dismantles Kat’s world. It’s different, seeing one of his victims in real life and not inside a computer screen – but he’s in too far to back out now.
As soon as Kat disappears from the online world, her physical body begins to fade and while everybody else forgets that she exists, Wesley realises he is the only one left who remembers her. Overcome by remorse for what he has done, Wesley resolves to stop her disappearing completely. It might just be the only way to save himself.
All the Lonely People is a timely story about online culture – both good and bad – that explores the experience of loneliness in a connected world, and the power of kindness and empathy over hatred.”

Preorder links – Waterstones / Amazon / Book Depository 

A massive thanks to David for taking time to answer my questions! Please go preorder this book! I’m very excited for it! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions you have for David or tweet him @davidowenauthor and I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer them!

S x

S4S – Books that made me cry

Hello there! 

We are in the second half of the year, how did this quite happen? Welcome to July! Welcome to a new set of prompts for #SixforSunday. If you missed the blog post with them all on, follow this link.

Today’s prompt is another of those that I could go on with FOREVER. Today’s prompt is:

Books that made you cry

LOL. Can I just sayt EVERY BOOK EVER? I cry at EVERYTHING. I just love books and the characters OK? But anyway, I’m going with 6 books that genuinely destroyed my soul.

  1. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes
    I can’t watch this film because, even though I’ve seen it 6000 times, it still breaks me.
  2. Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom
    I could’ve said ANY Mitch Albom book tbh, but I remember reading Tuesdays and just not being able to stop crying for a good hour.
  3. Reasons To Stay Alive – Matt Haig
    This book. Seriously. This book. I implore you ALL to read it. It’s just incredible.
  4. Beyond the Odyssey – Maz Evans
    THIS IS A CHILDREN’S BOOK AND IT DESTROYED ME. Man, I am not ready for the 4th book in this series. I am still not over this book and I finished it at least a month and a half ago. 
  5. Countless – Karen Gregory
    I can’t think about this book and not get emotional. It just is so tough and man, I wept so hard. 
  6. Paper Butterflies – Lisa Heathfield
    This book just is harrowing. Major trigger warnings this book but it made me cry SO HARD.

If you ask me to do this list again in a week there would be different answers… I cry at many/every book.

I want to know what books made you cry/emotional. Share them with me on the #SixforSunday hashtag. I need more crying books!

S x

S4S – Metallic books

Hello my loves!

How are you? What has been going on in your lives this week? Any good books? 

Today brings another #SixforSunday post. This week is a cover type that is VERY close to my heart…

Metallic books

I AM SUCH A LOVER OF A SHINY COVER OK. They are precious to me. I am such a magpie for shiny, metallic goodness. 

  1. ALL of Sara Barnard’s books 
    These books have the most amazing metallic features on the covers. I hope her books are forever somewhat metallic, because I love her books.
  2. Rebel of the Sands trilogy – Alwyn Hamilton
    This trilogy is close to my heart and not just because they have shiny covers.
  3. Spark/Ink – Alice Broadway
    I couldn’t NOT include these could I? They’re BEAUTIES. I can’t wait for book 3 to see what it’s like… 
  4. Language of Thorns – Leigh Bardugo
    Shiny features on the cover of this book made me VERY happy.
  5. Clean – Juno Dawson
    THIS BOOK IS ONE BIG SHINY. I adore it massively.
  6. Fandom – Anna Day
    The beautiful shiny details on this cover make me feel such heart eyes. 

So yeah, I like shiny covers. I bet you’d never guess this.

Remember to share your ideas using the hashtag #SixforSunday! I LOVE you all dearly for joining in! 

See you next week for July – the month of the books and the feels – starting with “Books that made me cry”.

S x

S4S – Monochrome books

Morning #SixforSunday‘ers!

How are we all? I hope your day is not grey today!

Today’s prompt is:

Monochrome books

I have to admit I struggled a bit with this one! I don’t own/know of that many monochrome books! We’ll see… 

  1. The Call – Paedar O’Guilin
  2. Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern (mostly black and white, featuring some red!)
  3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Perculiar Children – Ransom Riggs
  4. A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness 
  5. The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge (yes, yes I know… but this was one of my first thoughts!)
  6. Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman (I own the beautiful rainbow covers, but I KNOW there’s a black and white version of these covers!)

Remember to share your #SixforSunday choices with me! I would love to see what you can all come up with, and if you struggled as much as me! 

See you next week for ‘Metallic Books’ (aka the books you can guarantee I will ALWAYS pick up)

S x


S4S – Book lovers unite!

Morning pals!

How are we all this Sunday morning? What are we all reading? Let me know, I might need to add it to my TBR (because my TBR isn’t long enough obviously!)

Today’s #SixforSunday is something that I could easily make ramble on for hours, so being concise with 6 was both easy and tough. Today we’re talking:

Reasons I love books

  1. Escapism 
    I don’t have to think about my own life for a little while as I’m reading. I can get lost in the streets of Ketterdam, or be watching Sorrow’s life unfold, or get lost in the world of Brightstorm, or travel around the globe hunting Chaos Stones with Elliot. It doesn’t matter. For those few hours I’m just reading. My own troubles can be gone for a while.
  2. Finding a connection with characters
    Whether it’s a love or a hate, characters are the thing I love. Find me a character that I connect with and I’m gone. There’s so many amazing characters in books. So so many. Go find yourself a character you love or hate.
  3. Books have brought me some of the best friends
    If I didn’t read I wouldn’t have the group of friends I do have. It’s as simple as that.
  4. Cover love
    I know, I know, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. We all do it, it’s OK. I love covers. They make me so happy.
  5. Author love
    Getting to read a book is a pretty incredible thing. You get to appreciate the work an author has put in to this thing you’re reading. You get to see someone at the very highest level. A finished masterpiece. It’s pretty wonderful. So many books don’t get printed, and here you are reading one. It must be good.
  6. Seeing myself in characters
    Now, I didn’t think this was a thing I cared about until I saw myself in characters in 2 separate books and it just hit me in the face. If you can find yourself in a book then you’re represented. This is important. 

So there we have it! My #SixforSunday why I love books .

I’d love to see your reasons why you love books! Share them with me on twitter using the hashtag #SixforSunday or link me to your post and I shall check it out. I love you all for joining in!

S x

S4S – What do people always ask me?


Well well, fancy seeing you around here #SixforSunday, do you come here often? 

I’ve enjoyed posing questions to different people this month for #SixforSunday. Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions! It’s always really interesting to get answers! Today’s prompt however is:

Six questions people always ask ME

So… what do people always ask me? I’ve gone with BLOGGER me, not human me/teacher me ha!

  1. How do you have time to blog, teach and be a human?
    Well… I’m secretly a robot. HA. Nah seriously, it’s a lot of good organisation. It doesn’t always go right. Sometimes I spend more time blogging than I should, sometimes I neglect my blog. It’s a very fine balance that you’ve just gotta work on to get right. I love blogging and I love teaching, they’re both massive parts of my life.
  2. How do you get book post?
    Now, there’s no ‘you do this and you will get books’ answer to this. I don’t blog to get free books, it’s just a brilliant perk. 
  3. How do you read so quickly?
    I didn’t think I do read quickly, but I’ve had this a few times. I’m the kind of person who will IMMERSE myself in a book. I’m much better at reading for chunks of time than bits here there and everywhere. I read a lot of kids books, which on the whole take far less time. I also read a lot of books that I KNOW I’m going to like, so I’m going to read them quickly because I’m interested?
  4. Who don’t you post negative reviews?
    I have a blog post coming on this in a few weeks, so I don’t want to be too spoilery… but I generally read the books I know I’m going to like, so it’s unlikely I’m going to find one I do dislike. If I do come across a book I dislike (because there are books), I’ll talk about it but the world doesn’t need ANY MORE hate than there already is out there. I’m all about being positive. 
  5. You can’t like every book you read, surely?
    I get this one every now and again, each time I’m not entirely sure what the point of it is… however, no. I don’t like EVERY book I read, I just don’t TALK about the other books that widely. I will talk to you if you ask me… but see my answer to question 4.
  6. Do you prefer YA or MG books?
    Both. In equal and different measures. Don’t make me choose. 

So there you go. I am ALWAYS open to questions, and will answer them! My twitter DMs are always open or comment and I’ll answer!

Share your questions with me! #SixforSunday is all about your involvement!

S x

S4S – Questions for my faves…

Hello! It is I, the SundaySixer again.

How are we all? What does this Sunday hold for you? Are you keeping well? Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for part 2 of the #SixforSunday prompts to be released! I hope you guys love the prompts as much as me!

Today’s prompt is:

Questions you have for your favourite character

HAHAHAHAHA. Like I can choose just ONE favourite character. HAHAHAHA. Who do I think I am? (I chose 6 different faves… sorry not sorry!)

  1. Dear Kaz Brekker, why are you so smart?
  2. Good morrow Sorrow (LOL), what’s it like constantly living in the shadow of your brother’s death?
  3. Dearest Jin, why you so hot?
  4. Matilda, what is your favourite subject?
  5. Elliot, do you ever just want to be a kid though? 
  6. Izzy O’Neill, can we be friends forever?

HA. If you can name all 6 of these books (which you probs can if you know me at all) then you get a point. 

Remember to share your #SixforSunday posts on twitter and use the hashtag! I love all of your posts with all of my heart!

S x

S4S – questions for publishers

Hello there! Sunday again. Where did this week go? I’m sure someone is making these weeks go VERY quickly… the further we go, the closer it is to my teacher training being over (which thrills and terrifies me in EQUAL measure tbh). 

However, back to #SixforSunday. Today’s prompt I found HARD. However, I am a good S4S mam and will not give up on my baby. Today I will be posing 6 more questions, but this week it is:

Questions to publishers

(I don’t even know if these questions are even answerable by publishers tbh… but lets go!)

  1. Why do covers change half way through a series?
  2. Why are some books taller than others? (One of my very own bookish pet peeves)
  3. How do you decide on covers?
  4. How do you decide which books get to be printed?
  5. How many manuscripts do you get weekly?

And there we have it… I wonder if ANYONE can answer any of these questions. (I do not expect answers, have no fear!)

Share your #SixforSunday posts with me! Don’t worry if you haven’t tackled today’s prompt… it was a HARD one!

S x

S4S – Questions for authors

HOLA. Sunday again! Another busy week of blogging, working and reflecting. How is everyone this fair Sunday? Is it fair where you are?

Today’s #SixforSunday prompt required a lot of thought from me… I needed to refine my questions from 60384934043000 to just 6… JUST SIX. Who came up with that rule? (I did? I’m a terrible human!)

Anyway… today’s #SixforSunday is:

Six questions for authors

Ah authors, those awesome people who make us laugh and cry; crush our souls; transport us to new dimensions; fill our lives with incredible new worlds. So 6 questions I have aimed at authors, all authors… I’ve tried not to be specific. I’d love some author pals to answer!

  1. Do you prefer to write heroes or villains?
  2. What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to research in the name of your books?
  3. How are you so awesome?
  4. What is the hardest part of the writing process?
  6. Do you secretly enjoy watching the fans all freak out about your cliffhangers/plots?

I HAVE SO MANY MORE. I mean, I’m nebby. If any of my author pals (ha, pals, who do I think I am?!) read this and fancy answering them, I’d love to know the answers! (Number 2 is my favourite thing to ask at events, don’t go stealing it because it’s my go to question!)

Share your #SixforSunday posts, I’d LOVE to know what you’re asking authors! Thanks again for joining in, I love you all!

S x