Q&A: David Owen

Hello my friends!  Today I have an absolute treat for you - a Q&A with one of my favourite twitter author people, David Owen. His new book All The Lonely People is coming out next year and I managed to corner him (figuratively, obviously) to ask him a few questions about his new book! I … Continue reading Q&A: David Owen

S4S – What do people always ask me?

SUNDAY SUNDAY SO GOOD TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Well well, fancy seeing you around here #SixforSunday, do you come here often?  I've enjoyed posing questions to different people this month for #SixforSunday. Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions! It's always really interesting to get answers! Today's prompt however is: Six questions people always ask ME … Continue reading S4S – What do people always ask me?