S4S – Questions for my faves…

Hello! It is I, the SundaySixer again.

How are we all? What does this Sunday hold for you? Are you keeping well? Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for part 2 of the #SixforSunday prompts to be released! I hope you guys love the prompts as much as me!

Today’s prompt is:

Questions you have for your favourite character

HAHAHAHAHA. Like I can choose just ONE favourite character. HAHAHAHA. Who do I think I am? (I chose 6 different faves… sorry not sorry!)

  1. Dear Kaz Brekker, why are you so smart?
  2. Good morrow Sorrow (LOL), what’s it like constantly living in the shadow of your brother’s death?
  3. Dearest Jin, why you so hot?
  4. Matilda, what is your favourite subject?
  5. Elliot, do you ever just want to be a kid though? 
  6. Izzy O’Neill, can we be friends forever?

HA. If you can name all 6 of these books (which you probs can if you know me at all) then you get a point. 

Remember to share your #SixforSunday posts on twitter and use the hashtag! I love all of your posts with all of my heart!

S x

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