Forget your troubles, come on get happy…

What’s made me smile recently?

Getting a job. Following my dreams. Working hard. Realising it’s OK to be scared and it’s OK to be afraid of failure, but not to let it take over. Reading. Bank holiday weekends. Productivity. Taking time to myself. Meals out with friends. Meals out with family. Deliveroo. Wagamamas. A bottle of Desperado’s after a long day of working. Friends who trust you. Knowing that if you’re having a bad day that people want to listen. Speaking at events. Positive feedback. More books.  Being comfortable in my surroundings. Allowing myself time to breathe. The pressure being almost over. Sunshine. Walking. Saying no. Sleeping. Reading on a morning. Laughter. Drag Race. Friends. Youtube. The Greatest Showman. Matilda. Books. Always books.


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