S4S – Questions for authors

HOLA. Sunday again! Another busy week of blogging, working and reflecting. How is everyone this fair Sunday? Is it fair where you are?

Today’s #SixforSunday prompt required a lot of thought from me… I needed to refine my questions from 60384934043000 to just 6… JUST SIX. Who came up with that rule? (I did? I’m a terrible human!)

Anyway… today’s #SixforSunday is:

Six questions for authors

Ah authors, those awesome people who make us laugh and cry; crush our souls; transport us to new dimensions; fill our lives with incredible new worlds. So 6 questions I have aimed at authors, all authors… I’ve tried not to be specific. I’d love some author pals to answer!

  1. Do you prefer to write heroes or villains?
  2. What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to research in the name of your books?
  3. How are you so awesome?
  4. What is the hardest part of the writing process?
  6. Do you secretly enjoy watching the fans all freak out about your cliffhangers/plots?

I HAVE SO MANY MORE. I mean, I’m nebby. If any of my author pals (ha, pals, who do I think I am?!) read this and fancy answering them, I’d love to know the answers! (Number 2 is my favourite thing to ask at events, don’t go stealing it because it’s my go to question!)

Share your #SixforSunday posts, I’d LOVE to know what you’re asking authors! Thanks again for joining in, I love you all!

S x