S4S – What do people always ask me?


Well well, fancy seeing you around here #SixforSunday, do you come here often? 

I’ve enjoyed posing questions to different people this month for #SixforSunday. Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions! It’s always really interesting to get answers! Today’s prompt however is:

Six questions people always ask ME

So… what do people always ask me? I’ve gone with BLOGGER me, not human me/teacher me ha!

  1. How do you have time to blog, teach and be a human?
    Well… I’m secretly a robot. HA. Nah seriously, it’s a lot of good organisation. It doesn’t always go right. Sometimes I spend more time blogging than I should, sometimes I neglect my blog. It’s a very fine balance that you’ve just gotta work on to get right. I love blogging and I love teaching, they’re both massive parts of my life.
  2. How do you get book post?
    Now, there’s no ‘you do this and you will get books’ answer to this. I don’t blog to get free books, it’s just a brilliant perk. 
  3. How do you read so quickly?
    I didn’t think I do read quickly, but I’ve had this a few times. I’m the kind of person who will IMMERSE myself in a book. I’m much better at reading for chunks of time than bits here there and everywhere. I read a lot of kids books, which on the whole take far less time. I also read a lot of books that I KNOW I’m going to like, so I’m going to read them quickly because I’m interested?
  4. Who don’t you post negative reviews?
    I have a blog post coming on this in a few weeks, so I don’t want to be too spoilery… but I generally read the books I know I’m going to like, so it’s unlikely I’m going to find one I do dislike. If I do come across a book I dislike (because there are books), I’ll talk about it but the world doesn’t need ANY MORE hate than there already is out there. I’m all about being positive. 
  5. You can’t like every book you read, surely?
    I get this one every now and again, each time I’m not entirely sure what the point of it is… however, no. I don’t like EVERY book I read, I just don’t TALK about the other books that widely. I will talk to you if you ask me… but see my answer to question 4.
  6. Do you prefer YA or MG books?
    Both. In equal and different measures. Don’t make me choose. 

So there you go. I am ALWAYS open to questions, and will answer them! My twitter DMs are always open or comment and I’ll answer!

Share your questions with me! #SixforSunday is all about your involvement!

S x

3 thoughts on “S4S – What do people always ask me?

  1. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    Teaching, Blogging and being human – knew you were a robot! Haha only joking but seriously I don’t know how you do it all. I’m in agreement we don’t need more hate in the world which is why I try not review or comment on books I don’t like, only review 3 stars or above for me!


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