#SixforSunday prompts take 2


It’s not a Sunday and I’m posting a #SixforSunday post. WHATSOEVER IS THAT ABOUT? 

Well… I’m just posting the rest of the prompts for the year… do not fear. The world is not broken. 

Before we go any further, I’d like to say a massive thank you to EACH AND EVERY one of you who have posted weekly, a few times, or even just once on #SixforSunday. It makes my little heart so happy. I started this little feature for me, and seeing people grabbing on to it and running with it makes me so happy. I am always on the look out for new ideas for #SixforSunday, so please share your ideas with me! Remember as well, if you don’t like the prompt for the week, you can do ANYTHING you like, or do a prompt you missed! I don’t mind, just remember to use the hashtag #SixforSunday. 

So… July to December? Let’s have you!

July – books + emotions!
1st – Books that made you cry
8th – Books that made you laugh
15th – Books that made you angry
22nd – Books that made you want to shout
29th – Books that made you fall in love

August – books old and new
5th – Authors you’ll always pick up
12th – Authors who surprised you
19th – Books people always tell you to read
26th – Books that have been sat on your TBR forever

September – spreading the blog love!
2nd – Favourite blog posts you’ve written
9th – Favourite bloggers
16th – Favourite blog posts you’ve read
23rd – Reasons you love blogging
30th – Advice to new bloggers

October – just really good books 
7th – Best debut books
14th – Favourite trilogies/series
21st – Books you want to reread
28th – Books you wish you’d had as a teen

November – bookish dreams
4th – Dream panels/events
11th – Authors you’d love to see collaborate
18th – Characters you’d love to see together
25th – Dream character and world mixtures

December – the very best of
2nd – Santa, will you please bring me…?
9th – 2018 blogging highlights
16th – 2018 bookish highlights
23rd – 2018 in books 
30th – 2019 books

And there you go!
That takes us ALL THE WAY til the very last day of 2018!
How scary. 

Thanks again for your #SixforSunday enthusiasm. You guys make me such a happy blogger! 

S x


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