S4S – questions for publishers

Hello there! Sunday again. Where did this week go? I’m sure someone is making these weeks go VERY quickly… the further we go, the closer it is to my teacher training being over (which thrills and terrifies me in EQUAL measure tbh). 

However, back to #SixforSunday. Today’s prompt I found HARD. However, I am a good S4S mam and will not give up on my baby. Today I will be posing 6 more questions, but this week it is:

Questions to publishers

(I don’t even know if these questions are even answerable by publishers tbh… but lets go!)

  1. Why do covers change half way through a series?
  2. Why are some books taller than others? (One of my very own bookish pet peeves)
  3. How do you decide on covers?
  4. How do you decide which books get to be printed?
  5. How many manuscripts do you get weekly?

And there we have it… I wonder if ANYONE can answer any of these questions. (I do not expect answers, have no fear!)

Share your #SixforSunday posts with me! Don’t worry if you haven’t tackled today’s prompt… it was a HARD one!

S x

2 thoughts on “S4S – questions for publishers

  1. Christina Reid says:

    I found the prompt tough this week too! I find it really frustrating when the books in a series are all different sizes too, especially as it means you can fit fewer books on your bookshelf.


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