This past weekend, I attended a bookish event in the North. Listen again, A BOOKISH EVENT IN THE NORTH. (I know, I know, they're becoming more frequent BUT IT'S SO NICE TO BE SOMEWHAT NORTH AND CELEBRATING THE BOOKS). I was attending Northern YA Literature Festival, which was held at the University of Central Lancashire. … Continue reading NYALitFest


Last week, during half term, the gorgeous people of Waterstones Newcastle brought to us 2 of my favourite authors: Holly Bourne and Tom Fletcher.  Now it's not very often we get authors in the North so often, so I was VERY happy when I found out they'd both be here!  Holly Bourne was here promoting … Continue reading Events!


Hello! Yesterday you saw YALC Highlights Part 1, today we have YALC Highlights Part 2. Bear with me. I just had such an incredible weekend that I need to talk about it.  I hope you're sitting comfortably with a cuppa (or equivalent). Awesome authors Now, I think awesome authors is a GIVEN when going to … Continue reading YALC #2