Last week, during half term, the gorgeous people of Waterstones Newcastle brought to us 2 of my favourite authors: Holly Bourne and Tom Fletcher. 

Now it’s not very often we get authors in the North so often, so I was VERY happy when I found out they’d both be here! 


Holly Bourne was here promoting her newest YA book – It Only Happens in the Movies. During the event there was a brilliant talk hosted by the gorgeous Katie Thistleton who asked many brilliant questions. Holly said some brilliant things about how YA books have a responsibility to be honest and how she feels like she needs to speak the truth in her books. She also mentioned how her writing process is heavily influenced through her work for charities which deal with giving people relationship advice. I think it’s brilliant that Holly is using her platform to inform teens, without being preachy.

After the talk there were games! I love a game. There was a quick quiz and then a few rounds of ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ – which is always a fun game to play!! (If you’ve any Kiss, Marry, Kill options for me, I would love to host a blog post using them all, tweet me or leave a comment with suggestions!) There was a Q&A with the audience too, where I tried to get some ‘Floored’ hints from Holly, but she remained tight lipped. The event was rounded off with a signing too!


A massive shout out to the organisers for the goodie bags too! Another thing I loved about the event was that the price of the ticket for the event was redeemable against the book. This is SUCH a great idea, I’d love to see more events following this principal in future! The event was brilliant and it was so good to see such a good turn out for the event too! A few of the other #NorthernBookBloggers had managed to make the event too which was excellent. It’s always nice to get together with friends to talk about books. 


Later on in the week, I finally got to meet the absolutely wonderful Tom Fletcher. He was in Newcastle as part of his promotional book tour for ‘The Creakers’ which I was lucky enough to get a proof copy and I loved it! It is so perfect for kids! A brilliant tale of adventure, fun and a bit of spookiness thrown in too. When I heard Tom was coming to Newcastle, I knew I needed to be there! I was worried I was going to be the only adult there, but there were more adults in the line than there were children, so that fear was a bit daft in hindsight! 


I got there about 40 minutes before the event started and there was already quite the queue! The staff of Waterstones were lovely and kept checking everyone was ok, and once the queue was moving it moved quite quickly! Meeting Tom was lovely. He’s just so lush. He’s exactly the same as the person you see in his vlogs and things (he isn’t technically a Youtuber, but he is one of my faves to watch). As we waited in the queue, it was lovely to see that he was spending a little bit of time with each fan, not just signing and then that was it. I got my books addressed to my class, so that when I have my own class they can go in my class library and the kids can enjoy them! I told him all about how “Santa” sent my kids The Christmasaurus last year and he thought that was a lovely idea. It was so lovely to meet him and tell him how much I enjoyed his books. The people who were with him were lovely too! The photo lady took loads of pictures, so thank you lovely woman! 

Last week was a good week. I hope lots more events happen in the North East! Thank you Usborne, Puffin and Waterstones Newcastle for hosting such brilliant events!

S x

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