S4S – Books with a number!


Sunday again. Another Sunday closer to Christmas! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Today is another #SixforSunday post! Thank you so much to the people who have been joining in with my silly little Sunday posts! I am currently devising the list for 2018! Hope you all continue to join in! Today we have:

Books with numbers in their titles

  1. Station Eleven¬†(the gorgeous Sara Barnard keeps telling me to read this… I will, I will)
  2. 1984 (A book we read at GCSE; a book I still love now!)
  3. Catch 22 (another book I keep meaning to read… I will one day!)
  4. The 5 People you Meet in Heaven (I love Mitch Albom books so much. This book is gorgeous)
  5. Six of Crows (I know I know, YA people will just scowl at me for not reading this yet, I will get round to it! I own it!)
  6. Half Upon A Time (one of the teachers let me borrow their copy, so I best get round to it!)

So there are my 6, some read, some I need to read!

Share yours with me, use the hastag #SixforSunday. I will check them out!

S x