BOOK BLOG: Floored

Floored: what happens when you put some of YA’s biggest names together? Brilliance.


“When they got in the lift, they were strangers (though didn’t that guy used to be on TV?): Sasha, who is desperately trying to deliver a parcel; Hugo, who knows he’s the best-looking guy in the lift and is eyeing up Velvet, who knows what that look means when you hear her name and it doesn’t match the way she looks, or the way she talks; Dawson, who was on TV, but isn’t as good-looking as he was a few years ago and is desperately hoping no one recognizes him; Kaitlyn, who’s losing her sight but won’t admit it, and who used to have a poster of Dawson on her bedroom wall, and Joe, who shouldn’t be here at all, but who wants to be here the most. And one more person, who will bring them together again on the same day every year”

So I think I’ve been talking about this book ever since I found out about it.
A while. A long time.
When I was offered the chance to read a review copy, I JUMPED AT IT.
But then again why wouldn’t I want to?
7 brilliant UKYA authors, including 2 of my all time faves?
A contemporary with 7 perspectives?
A brilliant sounding concept?
A cover which makes my eyes VERY happy?
I just… yes please. SIGN ME UP.

What Floored brings to the table is an incredible story, with memorable characters and an honest look at life, relationships and friendships, all wrapped in 7 authors who you know you can trust. Add to that the fun of guessing which author wrote which character and you’ve got what is a sure fire winner. 

(This is one of those book reviews where I’m really struggling to write it because I just want to say I LOVED IT SO MUCH OK?)

One of the things that stood out to me was the comparison between how individual their lives were at the beginning of the book, but then as the book develops you notice that they are part of each other’s lives and then by the end they become each other’s lives. They are all integral parts of each other’s lives. Friendship is a MASSIVE part of this book, but as you go through it, it’s not all plain sailingjust like life isn’t all plain sailing. Things happen that make the friendships hard; the relationships change and develop and fall apart; people naturally are drawn to one over the others. All of these dynamics are explored and for me that’s what’s so brilliant about it. I see so much of my own friendships and relationships in this book. 

I can’t go through this review without expressing my sheer ANGER at Hugo and some of his actions. Oh, this man. Hugo, Hugo, Hugo. I think I could talk about Hugo for a while. But I won’t as his actions, especially at the beginning of the book, do not deserved to be spoken of. As questionable as some of his actions are, he made me laugh. 

While we’re talking characters, I just think they’re each lush. 
Hugo – questionable morals, made me laugh.
Kaitlyn – a brilliant badass young woman who won’t let anything stand in her way
Sasha – poor Sasha, I just wanted to hug her.
Dawson – oh complicated little Dawson, I feel you so much my friend. Let’s talk.
Velvet – don’t let them get you down my friend, you’re wonderful.
Joe – keep that ambition about you my friend, keep being lovely.

I just adored this book. It made me laugh, cry, angry. It’s EVERYTHING I hoped for in the celebration of all that is wonderful. 

Massive MASSIVE thank you to the wonderful publicist Bea for sending me a copy – I love you forever and a day! 

Have you read Floored?
Have you had a guess at which character matches which author?
Which Floored character do you think you are?

Talk to me! Comment! Tweet! Pigeon! Postcard!

OH and come back tomorrow where you’ll see my post for the Floored blog collaboration group I’m part of! 


S x

p.s. I did so well not to use the floored pun. Are you impressed?

S4S – favourite partners

Sunday again? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? 

I’m sure someone keeps stealing my weekends *crying face*

Here we are… in the world of #SixforSunday with a pretty vague prompt today. I’m interested to see how everyone else does their posts! Today’s prompt is:

Favourite partners

I’ve gone with a mixture of romantic partners and partners in crime, best friends. 

  1. Park (Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell)
    I just remember falling in love with him entirely. I think he’s a right sweetheart.
  2. Rhys (A Quiet Kind of Thunder – Sara Barnard)
    Again, another complete winner of a boy. He’s adorable and I was a bit smitten with him.
  3. Jin (Rebel of the Sands trilogy – Alwyn Hamilton)
    GUYS. I LOVE HIM. He is my total fictional crush. I couldn’t do this list without him. He’s handsome, witty, can fight, romantic. I love him.
  4. Katie (The Fandom – Anna Day)
    I could’ve chosen ANY of Violet’s friends, but sweary Katie is BRILLIANT.
  5. Shehzad (Rebel of the Sands trilogy – Alwyn Hamilton)
    I love her. She’s badass. She’s not afraid of anything. She’s just excellent. I wish I was half as brilliant as her.
  6. The Spinster club girls (Holly Bourne)
    These girls are all brilliant. They shout about the important things. They support each other. We should all have friends like them!

I’m a sucker for romance and a sucker for a brilliant friendship. There were so many others who could’ve featured in today’s #SixforSunday post. I could’ve gone on for hours! 

Remember to share your favourite partners (romantic or not) with me using the hashtag #SixforSunday on twitter! I can’t wait to see who you’ve all chosen! 

S x

BOOKBLOG: Holly Bourne

It Only Happens In The Movies: heart-breaking and moving.


“Audrey is over romance. Since her parents’ relationship imploded her mother’s been catatonic, so she takes a cinema job to get out of the house. But there she meets wannabe film-maker Harry. Nobody expects Audrey and Harry to fall in love as hard and fast as they do. But that doesn’t mean things are easy. Because real love isn’t like the movies…

The greatest love story ever told doesn’t feature kissing in the snow or racing to airports. It features pain and confusion and hope and wonder and a ban on cheesy clichés. Oh, and zombies… YA star Holly Bourne tackles real love in this hugely funny and poignant novel”

When I heard that Holly Bourne was writing a new book, I knew I needed it straight away. When I heard Holly Bourne was going to be doing an event in Newcastle (which I sneakily found out at YALC, a few weeks before it was announced!) I knew I needed to be at it, regardless. It isn’t often that events come to Newcastle, so I was THERE. If you’re interested in my blog post about the event, you’ll find it here: Events!

But onto the book. The main event. I managed to NOT buy the book before the event, despite everyone shouting about it, I was good and MY GOSH was it worth the wait. It is just incredible. It broke my heart in so many places, that even now a few weeks later I am still putting my heart back together. In ‘Movies’ (let’s call it Movies, cause it’s much shorter), you meet Audrey: a teenager, trying to get through life, despite everything falling apart around her. Her mam is struggling a lot with the separation from her husband; Audrey gets a new job (where yes, of course, there is a handsome young man for her to fall for) and she’s trying to deal with the stress of exams and the future. She split up with her ex and there’s reminders of him everywhere, she gave up things when they split up that she regrets. She’s just trying to keep everything together, when it just seems to be falling apart.

She gets a job at a cinema and things in her life outside of home perk up from there. She gets to meet some amazing friends. Does a bit of acting. Learns how to make guacamole. Confronts some sexism. Kisses a boy. Pulls apart some romantic comedies. Fights against stereotypes (there is an amazing monologue from Audrey in the sampler that I needed the book for). While all these things seem to be going well, her mam is falling apart. Her mam is REALLY struggling. She’s not coping, at all. She seems to have good days. She has really bad days. Audrey needs to often balance looking after herself, with looking after her mum. 

I just have so many feelings about this book that I will never get them down in a way that does this book justice. Audrey is brave and bold. She’s brilliant. Keeping herself together while everything with her mam is falling apart must be the hardest thing ever. My heart broke for mam. My heart broke for Audrey. I cried for a good 20 minutes after finishing this book. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME BOURNE?!

The thing that stands out for me about this book is that it deals with very real problems, without shying away from them. Mam’s struggles. Audrey’s worries about her past relationship. The relationship between Audrey and her mam. Audrey’s brother. The feminism shouting. I just adored it. 

Go on. Read this. You won’t be disappointed. 

Have you read It Only Happens In The Movies?
Do you have any favourite romantic films?

I am a fan of a romantic film, so go on, shout some at me. I (totally don’t) need more in my life. Leave me a comment, or catch me on twitter (@eenalol)

S x


Last week, during half term, the gorgeous people of Waterstones Newcastle brought to us 2 of my favourite authors: Holly Bourne and Tom Fletcher. 

Now it’s not very often we get authors in the North so often, so I was VERY happy when I found out they’d both be here! 


Holly Bourne was here promoting her newest YA book – It Only Happens in the Movies. During the event there was a brilliant talk hosted by the gorgeous Katie Thistleton who asked many brilliant questions. Holly said some brilliant things about how YA books have a responsibility to be honest and how she feels like she needs to speak the truth in her books. She also mentioned how her writing process is heavily influenced through her work for charities which deal with giving people relationship advice. I think it’s brilliant that Holly is using her platform to inform teens, without being preachy.

After the talk there were games! I love a game. There was a quick quiz and then a few rounds of ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ – which is always a fun game to play!! (If you’ve any Kiss, Marry, Kill options for me, I would love to host a blog post using them all, tweet me or leave a comment with suggestions!) There was a Q&A with the audience too, where I tried to get some ‘Floored’ hints from Holly, but she remained tight lipped. The event was rounded off with a signing too!


A massive shout out to the organisers for the goodie bags too! Another thing I loved about the event was that the price of the ticket for the event was redeemable against the book. This is SUCH a great idea, I’d love to see more events following this principal in future! The event was brilliant and it was so good to see such a good turn out for the event too! A few of the other #NorthernBookBloggers had managed to make the event too which was excellent. It’s always nice to get together with friends to talk about books. 


Later on in the week, I finally got to meet the absolutely wonderful Tom Fletcher. He was in Newcastle as part of his promotional book tour for ‘The Creakers’ which I was lucky enough to get a proof copy and I loved it! It is so perfect for kids! A brilliant tale of adventure, fun and a bit of spookiness thrown in too. When I heard Tom was coming to Newcastle, I knew I needed to be there! I was worried I was going to be the only adult there, but there were more adults in the line than there were children, so that fear was a bit daft in hindsight! 


I got there about 40 minutes before the event started and there was already quite the queue! The staff of Waterstones were lovely and kept checking everyone was ok, and once the queue was moving it moved quite quickly! Meeting Tom was lovely. He’s just so lush. He’s exactly the same as the person you see in his vlogs and things (he isn’t technically a Youtuber, but he is one of my faves to watch). As we waited in the queue, it was lovely to see that he was spending a little bit of time with each fan, not just signing and then that was it. I got my books addressed to my class, so that when I have my own class they can go in my class library and the kids can enjoy them! I told him all about how “Santa” sent my kids The Christmasaurus last year and he thought that was a lovely idea. It was so lovely to meet him and tell him how much I enjoyed his books. The people who were with him were lovely too! The photo lady took loads of pictures, so thank you lovely woman! 

Last week was a good week. I hope lots more events happen in the North East! Thank you Usborne, Puffin and Waterstones Newcastle for hosting such brilliant events!

S x


This past weekend, my friend Kelly (over at Kelly’s Ramblings) decided we would get some of the samplers we got at YALC read! It was really tough choosing the 5 we would read but in the end we came up with these:


(I was in my trusty Starbucks, at the window, as usual on a Sunday!)


First up, we read Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart. It was a great, very fast paced book. I was on edge the entire time reading the sampler! If the book is as fast paced as the sampler, I’m not sure my brain will be able to cope! The story seems to be very intriguing – a woman, who constantly changes her identity, running away from something and someone. The MC (Jule) is intense. I think she might be a polarising MC. I want to know more about her though, the glimpses we got I enjoyed. I will keep my eye out for this.


Next, we read Clean by Juno Dawson. I love the look of this sampler! It was so hard to get a picture of though. The thing that struck me was the interesting dynamic between Lexi and her brother. He’s trying to help her. She’s mean and devious and doesn’t want his help, whereas he SEEMS TO BE just trying to help (blackmail does help!). Reading it I was interested and then her age is brought up and I was VERY interested. There’s quite a bit of swearing in this and I LOVED IT. This one definitely peaked my interest – I have so many questions: why is she addicted to drugs? What happened? I will definitely be buying this as soon as it comes out! 


The third sampler we read was Tangleweed and Brine by Deirdre Sullivan. I picked this up after hearing her talk at YALC in the Fairytale panel and knew I needed to read it. I love a good fairytale. This one is based on one of my favourite fairytales of all time… one which is SO UNDERRATED – Rumplestiltskin. It took me a minute to get into it, but once I was in I was HOOKED. I loved that there was some back story and the illustration at the end was creepy and perfect. The other thing that struck me was that the girl in the story was imperfect: she has this incredible hair but she describes herself in such imperfect words. This is definitely one I’m going to be watching out for: it’s so atmospheric and beautiful that it needs to be in my life.


Then we moved on to one of our faves, Holly Bourne. This sampler is of her new book It Only Happens in the Movies. Holly is one of my faves, she always gets it right and this sampler shows that this book should be very much of the same. There’s a brilliant speech by the MC in the sampler about women in films and it is so spot on that I wanted to cheer. Women in films are NEVER imperfect. Holly always gets this right. I really liked LouLou too. She seems like she’s going to be a great character. I have a suspicious eye on Harry. I can’t wait for this to be out in October. It’s going to be a good one. I can feel it in my bones. 


For those of you who follow me on any of the social media you’ll know that Melinda Salisbury is my fave. When I heard there was going to be a sampler of her new (currently untitled) book #SorrowBook, I needed it. I needed it straight away. I have put off reading it because I knew that once I had read it, I would want to read the rest. And man was I right.


I won’t embarrass myself by showing you the texts between Kelly and I, but suffice to say we absolutely adored and devoured this sampler. I was hooked in the first page. “A bridge built of starlight” just had me. I absolutely love Mel’s ability to instantly create a world: I always get sucked in. This world is no different. I know this is going to be an incredible book – I have a feeling there is going to be some MAJOR event happening in the book and that Sorrow will grow up to be quite the young woman. I am VERY EXCITED and March can not come soon enough. I could ramble on about this for hours. Just know I loved it and that you need to get your hands on it… if you can! (side note: I found out today it’s a duology and YAAAAAAAAAS)

Did you pick up these samplers at YALC?
What did you think of them?
Which of these 3 are you most excited about?

Let’s talk! I want to know your feels about these and any other samplers you picked up at YALC. Talk to me in the comments or on twitter! While you’re at it… take yourself over to Kelly’s post and see what she thought of these samplers – clicky click

S x

BOOKBLOG: Tom Becker

I’ll Be Home For Christmas: honest, frank and emotive.

This collection of poems and stories by some of the leading UK YA authors is a brilliant book and it’s for a BRILLIANT cause – with each book that’s bought a donation is given to Crisis. Lovely idea. Well done Stripes publishing! This collection is all about homes and families – both those which are chosen us and the ones we choose.


Now I’m not going to review the whole book in loads of detail because you’d be here forever and I would run out of words eventually but there are some that I totally want to highlight and talk about! 

Ghosts of Christmas Past (Non Pratt)
This story was gorgeous. Told a tale of how one person’s past can be someone else’s future. I didn’t see it coming. It struck me a bit and it was powerful. I loved it. 

The Afterschool Club (Holly Bourne)
I’m a massive Holly fan so was super excited to see that she’d written something for this collection and I was not let down! The main characters were both equally loveable. I love a story where I like both of the main characters. There was no need for anyone else to be involved. It was complex, haunting, dangerous but hopeful. I adored it. I want more from these two. They made my heart happy. 

Homo for Christmas (Juno Dawson)
OH MAN I WANT TO CHAMPION THIS STORY SO MUCH. I COULD TALK ABOUT IT FOR HOURS (I won’t). I must’ve sent Juno about 100 tweets during/after reading this story and I am so glad it exists in my life. There are SO MANY reasons why it’s incredible.
a) A Geordie protagonist – a likeable Geordie protagonist, who doesn’t get drunk all the time. We are not all like that. 
b) So many references that made me laugh – the northerners don’t wear coats thing, yes. So much of this tale made my poor little Geordie heart happy.
c) The relationship between the main character and his mam – I know this is probably true of everyone and their mam, but it made me so happy to see a functioning, supportive mam.
d) THE USE OF THE WORD MAM. Yes. That’s the word we use in these parts and it’s so good to see it in a book!!
e) His coming out – mams are incredible people. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, because READ IT. But know that mams are incredible.
This particular story hit a million nerves with me. I just can not champion this short story enough in my world. Everyone needs to read it. Juno is an absolute goddess for putting this into the world. I need more stories with Geordie protagonists like him. 

Those were 3 of my highlights but I think everyone should read this story because it was such a diverse collection of characters and stories, and situations. I’m not the biggest fan of short stories – I always crave more – but this was a fantastic one to read! Go on, you’re doing a good thing buying this book! 

S x

What I’m Reading This Christmas

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s GUEST BLOG POST TIME! 

This time you get the joy of hearing from one of my favourite people in the world. Readers, this is Rachel. Rachel is the absolute mastermind behind #SundayYA (which is an incredible twitter chat which happens between 6 and 7 EVERY Sunday where we talk everything YA). Come along to #SundayYA, you won’t regret it! If you want to follow Rach, you’ll find her @_sectumsemprah on twitter! Go on, you won’t regret it!! She’s also one of the editors of the new YA quarterly online magazine @Shift_Zine… follow them too! That’s gonna be awesome!!

What I’m Reading This Christmas

It’s that time of year again. The festive lights are up, coffee chains have brought out their trademark festive cups… It must be Christmas! That can only mean one thing. It’s time to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate and immerse myself in some festive reads. Here’s what I’ll be reading this Christmas.

Related imageThe Twelve Days of Dash and Lily (Rachel Cohn and David Levithan)

The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily is set a year after the original Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares.
Lily has had a tough year and has lost her happy outlook and Christmas spirit, so it’s up to Dash and Langston (Lily’s brother) to rekindle the holiday magic. Told in alternating chapters,
The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily is sure to get readers ready for the festive season.

Image result for and a happy new year holly bourne… And A Happy New Year? (Holly Bourne)

Just when we thought we’d seen the end of our favourite Spinster Club, they’re back with a novella about a New Year’s party they will never forget. Secrets are revealed and
friendships tested but surely everything will be okay for Evie, Amber and Lottie in the end… Right? Full of tears and laughter,
… And A Happy New Year? is guaranteed to a magical end to a series readers have loved.

Image result for i'll be home for christmas bookI’ll Be Home For Christmas (UKYA Anthology)

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is the ultimate Christmas read for 2016. A star line up of UKYA authors, including Holly Bourne, Non Pratt and Juno Dawson to name but a few, have come together to write a collection of festive short stories on the theme of home. At least £1 from every copy sold is donated to Crisis, a homeless charity, and is a very special read.

Other great Christmas titles

  • This Winter (Solitaire Novella) (Alice Oseman)
  • Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares (Rachel Cohn and David Levithan)
  • Mistletoe and Murder (Robin Stevens)

YAShot 2016: Pt 2

So here we are again… the rest of the day to round up! I feel like I could natter on about YAShot for more than 2 blog posts, but I will keep it short and sweet (well… no. I’ll not go on for hours!) If you haven’t already read my first blog post then you’ll find it on my blog! Please check it out!

After my very quick rest it was time for the big one… the one I’d been waiting MONTHS for. It was time for the Queen. My Queen. Melinda Salisbury.img_7735

For those of you who don’t know Mel… well you should because I have written blog posts about her and tweet about her books often… she is the author of The Sin Eater’s Daughter and The Sleeping Prince. Both majestically, heart breaking, soul crunching but incredible books.

She was in conversation with Julia Gray. Melinda Salisbury and Julia Gray: A Touch of Evil. And what a conversation it was! They talked about their books and the subject of evil. There were some interesting questions asked in this conversation too about how detached or attached the authors were to their stories, either before or after they were sent in. This was never something I thought about, but as the authors had two very different opinions on, it’s fascinating. I loved the idea for Julia’s book – it’s linked heavily to Norse mythology and wolves. It’s definitely one of those books that I will pick up when the time is right (i.e. when my TBR pile is not 100 books high!). They also discussed how the landscape of your story dictates the people in the story which dictates the society in your story. I found this panel ridiculously interesting. I knew I would love it. But it surpassed all expectations! It was certainly the busiest event that I was at that day!

After the event I followed the authors (not in a creepy way!) into the signing room to get my copy of The Sleeping Prince signed. I have my copy of The Sin Eater’s Daughter signed from an event last year in Seven Stories! (Coincidentally it was pretty much exactly a year after I had met Melinda that I got to meet her again!). After the signing I managed to sneak into the civic centre and hear Holly Bourne, Holly Smale, Harriet Hapgood and Rachel McIntyre talk about feminism and romance in YA. It was interesting hearing about these different authors and their takes on feminism and romance in their books. I have read all of Holly Bourne’s books so I know that feminism features heavily in them, so not having read any of the others it was good to know that there is a massive call for feminism in a wide variety of YA books. All of the women stressed the importance of normalising things such as girls working in science, looks not being important and even mentioned that in their books they tried to have good role models of positive relationships through the character’s parents. One thing I loved about this panel was at the end they gave out recommendations of authors who do it right in getting romance and feminism in YA and unanimously they recommended one of my favourite authors – Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor and Park is a must read in my eyes. I missed my chance to get ‘…And A Happy New Year’ signed because I needed to dash to another event.

img_7715The next event I ran off to was Little Women: fantasy, gender, power and constraint – Alywn Hamilton, Zöe Marriott, chaired by Samantha Shannon. They even had a dragon! I didn’t get a picture with Zoe in unfortunately, I was too focused on getting the dragon in! Ha. This panel was a lot of fun. HOW I missed this Zoe book is beyond me… it’s based on Beauty and the Beast – which is only my most favourite Disney film in the world. They talked about their “strong female characters” in their books and the importance of writing into their book strong, positive female relationships. I hadn’t thought up until this point that there was a lack of positive female relationships in books, but as Alwyn said it’s probably because I seek out books that have those relationships in them! It was such a pleasure to meet Alwyn after so long too. Rebel of the Sands is an incredible story and I will be for sure be buying Zoe’s book. Beauty and the Beast? RIGHT UP MY STREET.

My last event I got to go to was with a blogger! It was the only blogging/vlogging workshop I got to go to because of all of the amazing author events going on. But I definitely was so glad that it was the one I got to go to. It was with the amazing Stevie Finegan and Chris: img_7717YAfictionados, Taking your blog to the next level.  It was incredible to meet Chris finally too. I’ve admired his blog from afar for ever. It’s incredible. He’s such a presence online that if there’s anyone to take tips from it is most definitely him! He’s the man responsible for #YATakeover. Stevie is a publicist so getting some insider tips is always good, especially for a blogger like me starting out. We talked about where we wanted to go with our blogs and they gave out some wonderful tips on how to try and make a stamp in the world of blogging. There are so many bloggers out there that you need to have a real stamp. I took a long list of things to do! As you can see he’s quite hands on! He climbed on the table to give us a list of hashtags to follow, chats to join in and people to follow too! I learned so much and had a million questions but I was FAR TOO blog struck to ask! It was so lush to meet other real life bloggers and get to talk to them about blogging. It helped that Chris was a very handsome man with an Irish accent! I love an Irish accent!

So that is part 2 of the whole thing! There’s a book haul/thank you post coming up in the next few days! YAShot week is really a thing here it seems ha!

Want to follow some of the people I mentioned in this blog?
– Queen Mel (Melinda Salisbury): TwitterWebsite
– Julia Gray: TwitterWebsite
– Holly Bourne: TwitterWebsite
– Rainbow Rowell: TwitterWebsite
– Alwyn Hamilton: TwitterWebsite
– Chris (YAfictionados): TwitterBlog

Thanks for reading!

S x

BOOKBLOG: Holly Bourne

I recently finished the third installment of Holly Bourne’s Spinster Club/Normal Series trilogy and it was amazing. 

What’s A Girl Gotta Do officially is described as “HOW TO START A FEMINIST REVOLUTION:
1. Call out anything that is unfair on one gender
2. Don’t call out the same thing twice (so you can sleep and breathe)
3. Always try to keep it funny.
4. Don’t let anything slide. Even when you start to break…
Lottie’s determined to change the world with her #Vagilante vlog. Shame the trolls have other ideas…”

Before I get onto the book I will give you some background. Holly Bourne is an amazing author who started the Twitter trend #IAmAFeminist. The responses she got both online and when she was at YALC were incredible. You can see some of them here: The responses given show the whole reason why the world needs feminists and why it is SO IMPORTANT to stand up for what you believe in.

And this is the overlying message in ‘What’s A Girl Gotta Do?’. It follows Lottie (the other two books are centred around the other 2 members of The Spinster Club… they’re incredible) and Lottie’s mission to change the world. She decides to set herself on a mission of calling out all the sexist things she witnesses: against men or women. Throughout the story I was highlighted to things that I wasn’t even aware were a thing. It opened my eyes so much to how sexist this world really is sometimes. ‘What’s A Girl Gotta Do?’ will make you laugh, shock you, make you cry and make you proud to be a woman/man/person/human.

The world needs books like these, it needs people to stand up for itself… the world needs amazing women who stand up for amazing women. 

If you wanna know more about these books, you can check out Holly’s Tumblr ( and she’s a prolific tweeter (and she’s hilarious) over at @holly_bourneYA.

Have you read these books? Why are you a feminist? Share your ideas in the comments or over on Twitter using the #IAmAFeminist tag!

S x