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One of the most amazing parts of being a blogger is going along to bookish events. Bookish events are an incredible opportunity to meet other bloggers, publishers, authors – all of the amazing book people that the book community is filled with.

Now don’t get me wrong, book events can be pretty scary if you’re going for the first time, if you’re going on your own, if you have to travel far to get to them, if you don’t feel like you know anyone… I know that. My anxiety levels when I went to UKYACX (one of my first ever bookish events) will attest to that, but once you’re at the event, your nerves will hopefully subside.

Bookish people are like none other. I’m yet to go to an event where I don’t feel welcome. It’s amazing the amount of people who are there who are just as nervous as you are. There’s no shame in that whatsoever. It’s exciting and scary. But it’s all of these emotions that make it even more of a buzz. 

In the coming months, there are some VERY exciting bookish events coming up that I am attending that I thought I would share with you all. See if you can make them and then pop along too! If you need a friendly face, I am always around to say hello! Tell your twitter friends that you’re going too – there’s bound to be someone you know going. Knowing someone at an event is always a lot more fun!

Next week brings 2 very exciting events… one of which I am TERRIFIEDEXCITEDNERVOUS for; one which I am quite looking forward to because books, authors, my best people and blogger get togethers.

img_2080(look at me casually hanging about on the poster… I am FINE *Ross Gellar voice*) 

Event number 1 sees the joining of 2 of my absolute favourite authorsMelinda Salisbury and Alice Broadway. For those who do not know, they are the authors of the incredible Ink/Spark and The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy/State of Sorrow. They’re both coming North on Wednesday 11th April at 7pm at Waterstones Newcastle to talk of rebellion and rule breaking. As well as incredible young women, world building and other such incredible things.

This promises to be an incredible event… I mean. Possibly. I KNOW the authors will be wonderful and brilliant. I’m not sure about the chair person *wink*. Yours truly is chairing, and I’m not entirely sure HOW this is my life. WHY AM I BEING TRUSTED WITH THESE INCREDIBLE AUTHORS? WHY ARE THEY LETTING ME DO IT AGAIN? (I have chaired one panel at Waterstones Newcastle this year already, it was SUCH FUN). Like, it BLOWS MY MIND that I’ve been asked to chair an event with my 2 of my favourite ever authors. So yes…

Please come along if you can! 7pm on Wednesday 11th April (next Wednesday… I am NOT ready ha!) Tickets are available online: clicky clicky or in store! £3 for 2 authors! BARGAIN. There will be a signing after too. I love a signing!


YA Shot logo

Event number 2 happens later in the very same week! I shall be turfing myself off to Londres to go to YAShot! YA Shot is a one-day annual festival based in the centre of Uxbridge (just on the outside of London). The event takes place on Saturday 14th April. Over 50 authors are involved. There are workshops, panels and ‘in conversation’ events (plus book-signing sessions) in the Uxbridge Civic Centre and Uxbridge Library. There is also a programme of fantastic blogging and vlogging workshops as part of the UKYA Blogger Awards in the evening.

Like the Newcastle event, there’s moments in this where I am like HOW IS THIS MY LIFE? I will be involved in an “Ask A Blogger” session (6:30-6:55pm) with two of my fellow Northern bloggers, Charlotte and Rebecca! WHY IS THIS A THING? Who wants my advice? HAHA. Seriously. But come along if you’re there! We will have a lovely chat about blogging.

On top of all of this, I have also been shortlisted (ME SHORTLISTED HAHAHAHA) for Best Newcomer in the UKYABAs. I’m up against some pretty tough competition, so am not holding my breath. I’m not entirely sure HOW this happened. How I’m up for an award is beyond me. If you nominated me, in any stage of the process, then I would absolutely love to hug you (so please shout if you feel confident!)

So yes… YAShot. Tickets are £20/£15 concessions and are available here!. If you want to know more about the programme, check out the link here! Some very interesting talks on!


The third and final event I am currently attending this year is none other than the incredible YALC. I had SUCH A BLAST last year. It was TERRIFYING. But it was just brilliant. YALC solidified my “I’ve found my people” stance on the book community!

YALC is the UK’s Young Adult Literature Convention – a celebration of the very best young adult books and authors. YALC takes place each year as part of the London Film and Comic Con. It’s held across a whole weekend. It runs in the same building (but on a completely different floor to) as Comic Con. Last year there were some incredible cosplayers! I’m going down for the whole weekend, spending it with some of my absolute best friends, and I can’t wait. YALC is just one of those “omg you’re ________ from twitter, aren’t you?” kinds of events and it was so lush last year. I met so many of my twitter pals, I fangirled over some of my twitter gods (sorry Lucy/Grace/Hux) and met so many incredible authors.

Closer to the event I’m going to post my “YALC hints and tips” post! Reflecting on last year made me think of a few things for going back a second year! 

Tickets are available for single days, or for all 3 days! You’ll find them all here.

And that’s it! Those are the book events I’m so far booked up for this year!

Have you got any book events lined up?
Are there any book events you’d like to go to?
What’s your dream book event?

Talk to me in the comments or on twitter! Don’t be scared to tell me you’re coming along. I’ll say hello if I know you’re coming!

S x



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